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Week - 201

Saffy's Sister
by sweetie_me274
Description: She rested her head on a pillow and opened her new book. The Kacheek felt the soft, red cover and opened it to the first page...

Week - 201

Second-Place Sammy
by sweetie_me274
Description: As the judges said, she was fantastic on the ice, but didn't have the grace and elegance it took to be the best. This time, though, the Bruce had practiced and practiced and was sure it would be different...

Week - 204

A Visit to Aunt Lola's: Part One
by sweetie_me274
Description: Mia and her two pets were on vacation. Well, if you could call it that. Really, they were just visiting relatives, Aunt Lola and Cousin Phil.

Week - 205

A Visit to Aunt Lola's: Part Two
by sweetie_me274
Description: "Oh, Helen, get into the spirit. It's summer!" persisted Mia. "I'm sure Cousin Phil is waiting to do something fun with you."

Week - 206

A Visit to Aunt Lola's: Part Three
by sweetie_me274
Description: "You'll never guess what happened. We're snowed in," Fiona informed her before Aunt Lola could stop her...

Week - 207

A Change in Heart: Part One
by sweetie_me274
Description: She tip-toed across the cold tile floor and opened the pizza box. The Wocky was about to snatch the last piece of pepperoni pizza, when she heard her brother enter the kitchen...

Week - 208

A Change in Heart: Part Two
by sweetie_me274
Description: "We didn't want to leave without you," Marsha explained. "In case you had changed your mind, you know, over night."

Week - 209

A Change in Heart: Part Three
by sweetie_me274
Description: The pink Wocky carefully took everything out of the box and laid it on her bed. However, she paid no attention to any the things she had taken out. Instead, she turned back to the box...

Week - 206

The Toilet Repair Man
by sweetie_me274
Description: Frank sat back down at the kitchen table as he opened the neomail. It was sealed tightly and he finally ripped it open angrily. Extremely frustrated, he began to read the neomail...

Week - 209

The Game is Gormball
by sweetie_me274
Description: "So?" sighed Ember, a hint of jealousy in her voice. "Your destinies don't lead to small glass bottles..."

Week - 212

Tomb Trouble
by sweetie_me274
Description: When the going gets tough...

Also by jelly_bean_qween

Week - 213

Those Nutty Neopians: Story Time
by sweetie_me274
Description: Something has happened!

Also by cannonsmbt

Week - 215

The Tale of Cutie Cucumber
by sweetie_me274
Description: And, just five minutes ago, Christine had been atop the roof of her Neohome, retrieving a bouncy ball that her Poogle had unintentionally kicked...

Week - 255

David and the Fava Beans
by sweetie_me274
Description: He hated, loathed, and despised Fava Beans. So David sat in his seat, a grim expression on his face, with a fork, knife, and plate of Fava Beans in front of him...

Week - 256

We Got a Neomail!
by sweetie_me274
Description: "We got a neomail!" I chanted, reentering our house. Neomail was scarce at our happy little home, 239242 Market Street, and so when we actually did get any mail, all five of us gathered around for a letter opening ceremony...

Week - 257

The Great Bicycle Race
by sweetie_me274
Description: The fact that the Mynci's older sister, Brianna, had been the champ for the past two years was both inspiring and intimidating to Casey...

Week - 258

A Lime-a-licious Countdown
by sweetie_me274
Description: Lime is the delicious fantastic flavor that makes life what it is! Lime! Doesn't it feel good just to say it? Lime is a motivation booster, great for self confidence! And it tastes good too!

Week - 260

Goodnight, Graphie
by sweetie_me274
Description: Graphie hadn't been able to get more than a few hours of sleep for the past three days... but why? Okay, so on the first day it was because she'd eaten a whole carton of chocolate swirl ice cream...

Week - 327

Karina, the Math Wiz: Part One
by sweetie_me274
Description: A little red Mynci squealed with excitement. "I... I... I got a perfect score?"

Week - 328

Karina, the Math Wiz: Part Two
by sweetie_me274
Description: "Show support... for her?" Karina heard someone behind her mumble. "Yeah right. Like I would show support for that nerd..."

Week - 329

Karina, the Math Wiz: Part Three
by sweetie_me274
Description: "Duh. We're friends now. I need to know everything about you I possibly can," she replied. "Otherwise, we would really be strangers to each other..."

Week - 330

Karina, the Math Wiz: Part Four
by sweetie_me274
Description: Karina forced a smile. She snatched a quiz and put her name at the top...

Week - 331

Karina, the Math Wiz: Part Five
by sweetie_me274
Description: Mrs. Yimps placed Karina's quiz on her desk faced down. She took a deep breath and flipped it over...

Week - 332

Karina, the Math Wiz: Part Six
by sweetie_me274
Description: After dinner, Karina sat at the table for a few moments, just thinking about everything. The Math-tath-alon. The redo...

Week - 333

Karina, the Math Wiz: Part Seven
by sweetie_me274
Description: She couldn't help but smile. As pathetic as it seemed, the math test was doing a fantastic job of cheering her up...

Week - 334

A Room Full of Instruments
by sweetie_me274
Description: Today, he had decided, he was going to have a flute sale. All day long, he would restock only flutes. All with a 2,000 Neopoint discount. It was brilliant...

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