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Week - 264

The Petpet Brigade: Part One
by superfox65
Description: The tale of three petpets and how they changed Neopia...

Week - 265

The Petpet Brigade: Part Two
by superfox65
Description: "Wait," Buttons said. "There's something else we have to do." As she realized what he was thinking, she mouthed the words, ARE YOU COMPLETELY INSANE?!!

Week - 266

The Petpet Brigade: Part Three
by superfox65
Description: "Beware! Beware the Petpet nip! Beware!!!"

Week - 320

Just Kitty
by superfox65
Description: Kitty's bitten off a little more than he can chew at his new job...

Week - 334

Just Kitty: Illusen Day Special
by superfox65
Description: Happy Illusen Day to you...

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