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Week - 315

Neopian Urban Legend
by fudge_rabbit22
Description: Years ago, there was a candy shop in the Haunted Woods...

Week - 321

The Young Dr_Death: Part One
by fudge_rabbit22
Description: Thwack! Another snowball hit him on the side of his head. Dr_Death staggered over the snow, trying to get away...

Week - 322

The Young Dr_Death: Part Two
by fudge_rabbit22
Description: "Psst," one of her students, a Shadow Bori, hissed sharply at Dr_Death. Dr_Death bit his lip, but pretended he didn't hear him...

Week - 323

The Young Dr_Death: Part Three
by fudge_rabbit22
Description: "Oh, poor baby. Where'd you get her from?" Drew asked, taking the Kadoatie out of his hands and holding her up. The Kadoatie playfully batted a paw at Drew's nose...

Week - 324

The Young Dr_Death: Part Four
by fudge_rabbit22
Description: "YES! It's our neighbor!" Dr_Death said breathlessly, cutting Drew off. Drew smiled- although Dr_Death hated to part with his petpet friends, he was more touched to see them reunited with their loving owners...

Week - 325

The Young Dr_Death: Part Five
by fudge_rabbit22
Description: "Must be imagining things," Dr_Death told himself. He went back to staring out the window. Then, again, out of the corner of his eye, he saw...

Week - 326

The Young Dr_Death: Part Six
by fudge_rabbit22
Description: But somehow, some way, the case had fallen through the tracks. Dr_Death didn't know whether Shaun had paid them off or presented a falsely sugared-up image...

Week - 327

The Young Dr_Death: Part Seven
by fudge_rabbit22
Description: "She might start a Gallery just like Shaun and stick Mipsy in there," Dr_Death said to himself. He paced back and forth like a madman, full of energy and unable to sit still...

Week - 328

The Young Dr_Death: Part Eight
by fudge_rabbit22
Description: "It's a nice day. You want to go to Happy Valley? You know... to take your mind off things?" Drew asked apprehensively. Dr_Death shrugged heavily...

Week - 334

Mysteries in the Deep- Catacombs, That Is
by fudge_rabbit22
Description: Even fewer, in fact, know its history, at least partially. Where did these underground caverns come from? Who, or what, made them?

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