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Week - 304

The Voyage of the Fair Mortog: Part One
by ilovetoread_247
Description: I live on Mystery Island. We don't really do facts here- after all, it's called Mystery for a reason. He might have been part of that reason. If he was real...

Week - 305

The Voyage of the Fair Mortog: Part Two
by ilovetoread_247
Description: "He's completely oblivious about her, the fool," came a voice that seemed to be answering my unspoken question. "She only even talks to him because..."

Week - 306

The Voyage of the Fair Mortog: Part Three
by ilovetoread_247
Description: Did they miss me? Or did they not realize I was gone? I didn't know what happened to the people left behind during time travel...

Week - 307

The Voyage of the Fair Mortog: Part Four
by ilovetoread_247
Description: "Got it..." said Carew, whipping out his journal. "Storm has washed us ashore..." Anglifae glared at me again...

Week - 308

The Voyage of the Fair Mortog: Part Five
by ilovetoread_247
Description: Reality hit me, water balloon after water balloon. My best friend was now going to haunt Mystery Island for all eternity...

Week - 312

Luna's Saga: The Dark Side of Kreludor
by ilovetoread_247
Description: If it wasn't their owner, who was it? The Lutari edged one trembling yellow paw around the door to the living room...

Week - 333

Kitty and Ambry: The Usuki Interviews
by ilovetoread_247
Description: It was then that my brilliant thought struck me. I would interview some of the many Neopians who had Usuki dolls made for them...

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