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Week - 303

Talk About Random - "Lost Isle!"
by buizelmaniac
Description: Not exactly the Lost Isle... but close!

Week - 324

Talk About Random - "The Slingshot"
by buizelmaniac
Description: *WAM*

Week - 327

Talk About Random - "The Lookout"
by buizelmaniac
Description: LOOKOUT AHEAD

Week - 329

Talk About Random - "The Reunion, Part 1"
by buizelmaniac
Description: Um... hi!

Week - 331

Talk About Random - "The Reunion: Part 2"
by buizelmaniac
Description: Does that mean he bites?

Week - 332

Talk About Random - "The Reunion: Part 3"
by buizelmaniac
Description: I promise not to laugh... :D

Week - 333

Talk About Random - "The Reunion: Part 4"
by buizelmaniac
Description: The reunion concludes, but the fun is just getting started...

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