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Week - 192

Guilds, Why They're Private, And All That Jazz
by queen_starshine
Description: You are about to join a guild. Unfortunately, it is private. So, how do you get in?

Week - 225

At the End of the Rainbow
by queen_starshine
Description: It all started when I happened to be visiting Krawk Island. It had started raining, so I took refuge in the hotel...

Week - 242

Harry the Wadjet
by queen_starshine
Description: Cake is yummy.

Week - 271

This Christmas Day
by queen_starshine
Description: Serenity sighed and tried to cheer herself. It was, after all, Christmas Eve, and why should she let a dismal mood depress the spirits of the joyous holiday?

Week - 288

"Vote", and Other Useful Beauty Contest Terms
by queen_starshine
Description: If you expect yourself to be a well-seasoned Beauty Contester, then the most important thing you can learn is the lingo of the Beauty Contest Board.

Week - 296

Alter Ego
by queen_starshine
Description: What is it THIS time?

Week - 297

You Could At Least Say Please!
by queen_starshine
Description: Having to serve rude pets really makes my blood boil. Why do you think I'm a red Tuskaninny?

Week - 300

The NT Conspiracy
by queen_starshine
Description: Too many entries?!

Story by anime_cybunny

Week - 316

Of Snow and Royalty
by queen_starshine
Description: "I saved up forever to get you a good home, servants, paint you Faerie, get a Faellie for a pet, and you expect me to make a Royal Paint Brush magically appear?"

Week - 317

Alter Ego
by queen_starshine
Description: Those are SO boring.

Week - 325

Passing on the Torch: Tips from a BC Veteran
by queen_starshine
Description: Every Beauty Contest entry should be an improvement of your art, and every time you should wish to do better. But always be sure to have fun!

Week - 323

The Magic of Christmas Eve
by queen_starshine
Description: "When I was little, what I would do is send a letter up the chimney," Brigitte was explaining. "They go straight to Santa Kaus..."

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