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Week - 292

Hunting for a Petpet
by steelseatimber
Description: "Come on, you've been away for ages, leaving me to fend for myself. A petpet is the least you could do," the big young Lupe reasoned...

Week - 294

The Disease of Narcissism
by steelseatimber
Description: "Hello, handsome!" The green Lupe greeted his reflection...

Week - 317

Wannabe Pirates: Part One
by steelseatimber
Description: "Please, Steel," Jaeger griped, "you don't have to follow me everywhere. Especially on Krawk Island..."

Week - 318

Wannabe Pirates: Part Two
by steelseatimber
Description: "I had been keeping an eye on the docks since I got here, looking to either join a crew or purchase a ship. Then this Nimmo came storming off of this ship..."

Week - 319

Wannabe Pirates: Part Three
by steelseatimber
Description: "All paws on deck!" Fansworth bellowed. "Heave anchor, drop the sails! Let's get this bucket o' nails turned around!"

Week - 320

Wannabe Pirates: Part Four
by steelseatimber
Description: Jaeger stared up at the huge Eyrie fearlessly as Triton loomed over him. Suddenly, Triton attacked...

Week - 321

Wannabe Pirates: Part Five
by steelseatimber
Description: "All paws on deck! Man the cannons, raise the flag! Fire at will!"

Week - 322

Wannabe Pirates: Part Six
by steelseatimber
Description: "What be the matter? It be the full moon tonight -- that's the matter, boy!" The Kau took off his pirate hat and rubbed his head...

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