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Week - 256

The Choice
by reggieman721
Description: The annual Race Through Neopia Central was the biggest event of the year for runners. Dale had been training extra hard after he placed fifth the year before. Now, he felt ready to steal first...

Week - 268

The Window
by reggieman721
Description: The cool house provided a welcome relief. Carefully tying the last daisy into her hair, the blue Aisha stepped into the parlor. This was her favorite room...

Week - 271

Lao and the Legend of the Sun: Part One
by reggieman721
Description: Zhou peered curiously at the red light beaming across the sky. "'Red sky in the morning, sailors take warning,'" he quoted. "Strange things'll be happenin' soon, no doubt. Th' sun never lies..."

Week - 272

Lao and the Legend of the Sun: Part Two
by reggieman721
Description: As he walked deeper into the jungle, he could hear exotic birdcalls over an undertone of buzzing insects. Occasionally, the bushes would rustle and Lao would freeze where he stood, but not once did he see any sign of life...

Week - 273

Lao and the Legend of the Sun: Part Three
by reggieman721
Description: He tried to look the pet in its eyes, but its face was covered in the clashing black and white checkered pattern, and it was difficult to tell if the Draik was sincere. Its voice was smooth and mysterious, and this did not reveal its intentions either. Lao felt a feeling of helplessness wash over him as he realized that there was no way to tell whether this creature was here to help or harm him...

Week - 274

Lao and the Legend of the Sun: Part Four
by reggieman721
Description: "It must have been Yang," Lao decided. Only the evil Draik would ever suggest such a frightening prospect. But Lao remained uncertain. The Draik had known the words of the haiku Rorru had given, and Lao was nearly positive that Ying had been the one to lead him toward Rorru's dwelling...

Week - 275

The Heart
by reggieman721
Description: Gloria was Sepia's only friend who, like her, was unpainted. Gloria was a blue Cybunny who lived a few blocks away from Sepia, and she shared the same ceaseless desire for a Faerie paint brush...

Week - 276

Afternoon Tea: Part One
by reggieman721
Description: "I got a promotion at work," she said, blowing on her tea. "I'm now the Assistant Finance Manager..."

Week - 277

Afternoon Tea: Part Two
by reggieman721
Description: Darren sipped patiently at his eighth cup of tea. "Well, at least you've talked it out," he replied. "It's good to get your emotions out in the open..."

Week - 278

Afternoon Tea: Part Three
by reggieman721
Description: "Oh, please!" cried Gloria, still standing up. "The Afton I'm friends with would never put hundreds of workers out of a job! You are not the friend I knew..."

Week - 279

Afternoon Tea: Part Four
by reggieman721
Description: "Well," began the Shoyru. "We have all sorts of flavors of coffee, cappuccino, latte, hot chocolate, tea..." The last word lingered in the air. Tea. For a brief moment, all of the details in Afton's life vanished as that one word echoed in her mind...

Week - 292

Those Dark Eyes: Part One
by reggieman721
Description: "Toast, biscuits, muffins – you name it, I baked it! You'd better enjoy this, Afton, because it's one of the best breakfasts I've ever made. Cooking for two is quite a task, I'll admit..."

Week - 293

Those Dark Eyes: Part Two
by reggieman721
Description: "Well, don't ask me for advice," replied Darren with a frown. "Last time I gave you career tips, you moved to Faerieland..."

Week - 294

Those Dark Eyes: Part Three
by reggieman721
Description: "Isn't this exciting?" asked Rovan as they neared the tall doors. He looked over at Afton, and she could see the eagerness in his dark eyes...

Week - 295

Those Dark Eyes: Part Four
by reggieman721
Description: In only two weeks, Rovan's business had become the number one "stock to watch." In only two weeks, Afton found herself standing on the brink of stardom. Again...

Week - 301

The Time to Listen
by reggieman721
Description: "Hi, I'm Jordan, and it's my first day here too," I said, happy to get the sentence out without being knocked over...

Week - 302

Being Me
by reggieman721
Description: It didn't really matter what they thought of me, of course. Their opinions, though often expressed pointedly to me in the hallways, meant nothing to someone who was proud to call herself a unique individual...

Week - 305

Where Neggs Come From
by reggieman721
Description: I was very glad to step out of the cold. As the Faerie shut the door behind me, I could see an astounding array of neggs lining the curved walls...

Week - 306

Three Hundred Seconds
by reggieman721
Description: As her stylist hurried to apply the rest of Claire's makeup, the Lutari heard the director call out, "Less than five minutes to show time!"

Week - 309

It Rained
by reggieman721
Description: The distance between Drew and Andra's houses was not far, but the distance between the two Neopets had been growing slowly but surely every day...

Week - 310

by reggieman721
Description: well its about lupes and chias and the war their having

Week - 311

Ultimate Decision: Part One
by reggieman721
Description: She hated living like this, but Renelle was in a desperate situation. She needed more than fifty neopoints, but she knew that Hadia's offer would be firm...

Week - 312

Ultimate Decision: Part Two
by reggieman721
Description: Jerdana's kind greeting still lingered in the red Aisha's ears. Renelle couldn't help but feel guilty that she had taken what was obviously a prized piece of jewelry...

Week - 313

Ultimate Decision: Part Three
by reggieman721
Description: "This morning during breakfast she was whispering with King Altador about spending the whole night tearing apart her room looking for something..."

Week - 314

Ultimate Decision: Part Four
by reggieman721
Description: She had been waiting for what seemed like an eternity, and in some respects it had been nearly that long. But the Darkest Faerie's wait was all the more painful now that she was awake...

Week - 315

Ultimate Decision: Part Five
by reggieman721
Description: Jerdana would be questioning each and every one of them. Would she use magic? Would she cast some sort of truth spell that would force Renelle to admit what she had done?

Week - 316

Ultimate Decision: Part Six
by reggieman721
Description: "It must take someone of the purest evil to dream up a scheme like this," said Finneus, his eyes sad as he stared at Renelle...

Week - 317

Ultimate Decision: Part Seven
by reggieman721
Description: Bind all, free all. Could it really be true? Doubt still lingered in Renelle's mind, but there was no longer room for it...

Week - 318

Ultimate Decision: Part Eight
by reggieman721
Description: The Darkest Faerie stood, tall and silent, in the center of the Hall of Heroes. After everything that had happened to Renelle, this overshadowed all...

Week - 319

Ultimate Decision: Part Nine
by reggieman721
Description: "Ha!" cackled the Darkest Faerie, her eyes lit with twin flames. "You know nothing of my power!"

Week - 320

Love, Imagined
by reggieman721
Description: Like the cold blade of a knife, a new sound pierced the air, carrying dimly up the staircase and through the open door...

Week - 322

Footprints in the Snow
by reggieman721
Description: Lindy reached down and brushed some snow away near her feet. The supplies she had brought outside with her had nearly been buried by the swiftly-falling snow...

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