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Week - 251

All For a Lenny
by birdqueen804
Description: Inside the tower, a green Lenny looked forlornly at the pets playing happily outside...

Week - 319

Illusen the Grey Faerie: Part One
by birdqueen804
Description: Jhudora gave a contented sigh as she closed down her cloud. "Ah, another productive day," she exclaimed...

Week - 320

Illusen the Grey Faerie: Part Two
by birdqueen804
Description: The grey faerie's eyes fluttered open. "Jhudora? Jhudora, what are we going to do?"

Week - 321

Illusen the Grey Faerie: Part Three
by birdqueen804
Description: This was exactly what Jhudora had been waiting for. In a lightning quick movement, she ripped Illusen's charm from her neck...

Week - 322

Illusen the Grey Faerie: Part Four
by birdqueen804
Description: Illusen and Jhudora continued to look at the small pile of crystal shards on the floor, wondering if any more wings would emerge. And sure enough...

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