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Week - 213

Family Feud: Part One
by alkuna_
Description: Sarah walked over to the hut and knocked on the driftwood door. At the sound of paw steps approaching the door, she was abruptly overcome with a wave of intense shyness...

Week - 214

Family Feud: Part Two
by alkuna_
Description: She trudged along, staring at the waves as they washed ashore, flowing over sand with a soft hiss, and pulling back again...

Week - 242

Dusk in Tyrannia: Part One
by alkuna_
Description: When you transfer to a strange and wonderful place... you begin to wonder just where your real 'home' is...

Week - 243

Dusk in Tyrannia: Part Two
by alkuna_
Description: I swallowed nervously; I was going to a strange classroom in a strange land where I was still struggling to learn the language...

Week - 244

Dusk in Tyrannia: Part Three
by alkuna_
Description: One day, right in the middle of a game, an excited group of fans charged by, cheering at the top of their lungs. "Moehawk is playing tonight!"

Week - 245

Dusk in Tyrannia: Part Four
by alkuna_
Description: And then the lights blazed to full brilliance, illuminating Moehawk and setting the song into full swing. This close, I was surrounded by the beat...

Week - 246

Dusk in Tyrannia: Part Five
by alkuna_
Description: "Now, let's have a brave volunteer." Kiara grinned wickedly as several paws shot into the air. "Who wants to give Frost a good brushing?"

Week - 247

Dusk in Tyrannia: Part Six
by alkuna_
Description: A Darigan Eyrie gave us a lift. Obsidian was less than thrilled to be flying, and yowled for several minutes before simply shoving his muzzle into the Eyrie's neck fur and closing his eyes...

Week - 248

Dusk in Tyrannia: Part Seven
by alkuna_
Description: I sat on my seat, chin cushioned on my paw in utter boredom as students filed in and jabbered to one another while waiting for the bell. And I wanted to shiver... It was terrible.

Week - 292

Payment Due
by alkuna_
Description: Kindness leaves a debt that has little to do with money. Even if you repay it, the best gift is the memories it brings...

Week - 318

Dusk's Enterprise: Research Inc. - Part One
by alkuna_
Description: A little idea becomes a business, and a few prejudices are cleared away. Dusk is back in a new story!

Week - 319

Dusk's Enterprise: Research Inc. - Part Two
by alkuna_
Description: I began to sketch out a plan. Depth and Shade would be the ones to discuss with our customers what they wanted...

Week - 320

Dusk's Enterprise: Research Inc. - Part Three
by alkuna_
Description: Twilight unlocked our front doors on our Grand opening, and shrieked in fear. If not for her powerful Zafara legs, she would have been trampled....

Week - 321

Dusk's Enterprise: Research Inc. - Part Four
by alkuna_
Description: Several tourists stared openly at us and some didn't work very hard to conceal a level of hostility...

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