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Week - 314

A Spy's Tale: New Life - Part One
by allo_allo_numa
Description: "Hey, thief!" the Lupe shouted. "Come on, Leon, after him!" The pair unsheathed their swords and dashed off towards the alley...

Week - 315

A Spy's Tale: New Life - Part Two
by allo_allo_numa
Description: Two days after Audri so valiantly saved Sir Leon and Sir Tabur from a group of malicious thieves, she found herself in the Brightvale dungeons...

Week - 316

A Spy's Tale: New Life - Part Three
by allo_allo_numa
Description: "Leon!" Baroness Kaia of Emerald Coast exclaimed when she saw her son. She rushed over to see the knight...

Week - 317

A Spy's Tale: New Life - Part Four
by allo_allo_numa
Description: Lifting the bandage with her dark grey paw, Audri's mouth shot open when she saw that the wound was partially closed. She touched it gently with her finger; again, she saw her bracelet glow...

Week - 318

A Spy's Tale: New Life - Part Five
by allo_allo_numa
Description: "And you're sure she's not here in the palace?" Tabur asked Leon for what seemed like the hundredth time...

Week - 319

A Spy's Tale: New Life - Part Six
by allo_allo_numa
Description: "Did he say anything before casting the spell?" Audri asked, pacing back and forth like an interrogator...

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