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Week - 235

A New Friend
by kyrinn
Description: Halfway through poking around in the empty cupboards, Kaerhas heard the doorbell ring. His boredom melted away faster than a Brucicle in the Lost Desert, and the Bori made a dash for the front door...

Week - 250

The Peophin Incident: Part One
by kyrinn
Description: Chaelian the green Xweetok grumbled. "Remind me again how we got suckered into this..."

Week - 251

The Peophin Incident: Part Two
by kyrinn
Description: "A few yards away is a house belonging to a renowned mapmaker, famous for his 'good, detailed maps.' I'm certain he wouldn't mind if we were to borrow one..."

Week - 252

The Peophin Incident: Part Three
by kyrinn
Description: "Are you out of your mind?" Chaelian demanded. "We're going to sneak into the Snowager's cave?"

Week - 253

The Peophin Incident: Part Four
by kyrinn
Description: To the right of him, he heard another voice screaming, Run, you fool! But he couldn't run. All he could do was stand there, terrified, his eyes shut tightly, waiting for the Snowager to come and devour him...

Week - 254

The Peophin Incident: Part Five
by kyrinn
Description: Chaelian found himself gazing upon an incredible scene. Miles and miles of nothing but mountains rose up from the earth, all of them formed from the light brown stone commonly found in Tyrannia...

Week - 255

The Peophin Incident: Part Six
by kyrinn
Description: "No matter. We're nearing the end of our little treasure hunt, one way or another," Teirryn responded, gulping from his water bottle. "We either succeed, or we die trying..."

Week - 256

The Peophin Incident: Part Seven
by kyrinn
Description: "Stupid doors!! If I ever find the guy that built this place, I'm gonna tie him to a pole and let loose a barrel of Larnikins on him! And then I'll dropkick him all the way to Kreludor!"

Week - 257

The Peophin Incident: Part Eight
by kyrinn
Description: "Kaerhas! Chaelian!" Teirryn called, suddenly recognizing his two companions. If they heard him, they didn't respond. Teirryn sped up, fear lending him strength...

Week - 260

by kyrinn
Description: Dreams are so easily broken...

Week - 265

by kyrinn
Description: I always thought of Peophins as being *taller* than Usuls...

Week - 311

by kyrinn
Description: A conspiracy...?

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