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Week - 228

How to Hydrate a Meepit
by iamskot
Description: These meepits were evil. They were dangerous. More importantly, they were THIRSTY...

Week - 235

The Neopian Band Review
by iamskot
Description: I, your music guru, will show you the path to musical enlightenment, and will leave your ears ringing with the latest music!

Week - 245

The Ten Worst Ways to Leave the Darigan Citadel
by iamskot
Description: The problem is, once you get onto the Darigan Citadel, just how do you get off it?

Also by lupe_friend77

Week - 247

Just How Smooth Was the Altador Cup?
by iamskot
Description: Together, the crowd witnessed the rise and fall of a rain of mortogs, annoying faerie quests, and some really rude mutant Yooyus...

Week - 256

How to Care for Your Yooyu
by iamskot
Description: This petpet is beastly. This petpet is so full of pure evil many have run screaming from its malignant glare. I know this because I saw a picture of it in a magazine I read. Magazines don't lie.

Week - 257

The Most Famous Beards in Neopia
by iamskot
Description: I have compiled a list of the most famous beards ever to grace Neopia with their presence, and just how they changed Neopian history.

Yes, I am obsessive.

Week - 260

Bonju Vs. Jhuidah
by iamskot
Description: Chef Bonju insists that his so-called 'Cooking Vessel' is unique, and he is pure genius. On the same grounds, I insist that bow ties are unique and I am a genius for inventing them.

Week - 269

Roo Island - Under Siege
by iamskot
Description: This was foolish. These dice are ruthless. Do you think they will stop at conquering Roo Island? My friends, when the 29th of October graced us with its malignant presence, we were in fact witnessing the rise of a new Neopian power...

Week - 270

An Interview With the Tiki Tack Man
by iamskot
Description: Tombola Guy: Make it snappy, I have to get back to work in ten minutes.

Week - 311

Just How Smooth Was the Altador Cup 2?
by iamskot
Description: Sure, you can read about the scores in the news, but can you read about the Unmentionable Incident Of The Exploding...

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