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Week - 170

One December Evening...
by taipeiss
Description: Without noticing the change, they had darted through another thick layering of trees and over a bare, snowy landscape, soon speeding through yet more rows of trees...

Week - 200

Lucky Two Hundred
by taipeiss
Description: She fluttered her leathery black wings, and then glanced back at the calendar before breaking into a grin. "Krawk Island with Jay" was penned for the day in dark green ink...

Week - 202

Dear Akira, Dear Rosetta
by taipeiss
Description: I can't wait until you come for a visit! Neopian Central is really different from Mystery Island, but I'm sure you'll like it...

Also by sensei_fuzzy

Week - 300

30 Ways to Celebrate 300
by taipeiss
Description: Throw a parade! Get all of your friends and march up and down the street, playing musical instruments and tossing copies of the Times to the crowd!

Week - 306

Flight: Part One
by taipeiss
Description: The plushie was odd, to say the least, but something about me loved it...

Week - 307

Flight: Part Two
by taipeiss
Description: I flashed an unapologetic smile back and removed my raincoat, tossing it over the back of the chair next to me as if I more than belonged here...

Week - 308

Flight: Part Three
by taipeiss
Description: "Um, hi Mindi. What're you doing here?" My face, I'm sure, wore a look of confusion and interest...

Week - 310

by taipeiss
Description: The two strangers smiled, and the Blue Aisha repeated himself. "What we're doing," he said as he handed her a sheet of paper holding the names of a few dozen magazines, "is..."

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