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Week - 241

Kayla's Valentine
by mew_mew_matrimony
Description: Her red fur touched something cold that felt like metal. She clenched her paw around it and withdrew. It was a dusty photo frame...

Week - 299

Waiting Out the Storm: Part One
by mew_mew_matrimony
Description: Only a very lazy Neopian wouldn't be outside. That lazy Neopian was no other than Jenna A. Smitz, red Lutari, who currently resided under her covers...

Week - 300

Waiting Out the Storm: Part Two
by mew_mew_matrimony
Description: "Wasn't he such a jerk?" she muttered under her breath to Patricia and looked over to her left. The Uni wasn't there. Jenna spun back and saw to her anger that Patricia was talking to the jerk...

Week - 301

Waiting Out the Storm: Part Three
by mew_mew_matrimony
Description: "There you go," she murmured pleasantly. "Just relax, and don't fight..." She barely finished her sentence when Stan awoke and began to struggle angrily...

Week - 302

Waiting Out the Storm: Part Four
by mew_mew_matrimony
Description: She nodded very slightly, almost paralyzed with terror. Her eyes opened wider as the two of them simultaneously backed away from the hideous monster. Its eyes followed them...

Week - 303

Waiting Out the Storm: Part Five
by mew_mew_matrimony
Description: Stan could feel the necklace in his pocket jangling and jingling and his heart growing a little heavier. Although he heard and felt it plain and clear, the girls didn't...

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