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Week - 298

Fenny Vail: The Story Behind An Underdog - Part One
by superdate
Description: Most people think the same thing about girl Usuls—we're all girly girls who chill at Usuki Conventions 24/7. Sadly, that’s a really shallow lie.

Week - 299

Fenny Vail: The Story Behind An Underdog - Part Two
by superdate
Description: He sneered. "Princess, go home. You're too young for this game," he told me...

Week - 300

Fenny Vail: The Story Behind An Underdog - Part Three
by superdate
Description: I was so excited. I even skipped breakfast to get to school early. Lilo would be getting back to me on the tryouts during my study hall, which was my first class of the day...

Week - 301

Fenny Vail: The Story Behind An Underdog - Part Four
by superdate
Description: My coach yelled at me from complete nowhere in his raspy voice, "Rookie—yor up!"

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