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Week - 259

The Way Out of the Eye of the Storm
by imperial_magna
Description: How are we able to find 1 correct tile out of 240 tiles? Do not fret, my friends...

Week - 274

The Guide to Scourge of the Lab Jellies
by imperial_magna
Description: This game is a combination of puzzle, strategy and luck (well, which game doesn't need luck :P).

Also by garu_and_pucca

Week - 280

Dubloon Disaster is Not a Disaster!
by imperial_magna
Description: As you can see, the gameplay is very much like the previous version of Dubloon Disaster. It is a game of endurance...

Also by garu_and_pucca

Week - 300

The Pain of Getting an Interview on the 300th Issue
by imperial_magna
Description: First up, we have Bruno, Sophie and Gilly from the Tale of Woe Plot...

Also by garu_and_pucca

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