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Week - 235

The Jewel of the Forgotten
by petfriendamy
Description: "The one who touches the Jewel of the Forgotten..."

Week - 244

Her Spirit's Eyes: Part One
by petfriendamy
Description: Dina's eyes were indigo, with a hint of violet. They shimmered in the sunlight, and sparkled under moonlight. It was kind of strange, really. Laura had no idea why they did that...

Week - 245

Her Spirit's Eyes: Part Two
by petfriendamy
Description: "Wha...?" The Bori was confused. "She doesn't usually talk like that, does she?"

Week - 246

Her Spirit's Eyes: Part Three
by petfriendamy
Description: Laura turned her head so she could see Dina. She looked into her pretty indigo eyes, they were so amazing... so unusual... so... magical. But why?

Week - 247

Her Spirit's Eyes: Part Four
by petfriendamy
Description: Rose jumped at the sound of her maid knocking at the door. She quickly folded the blankets over the dagger and book...

Week - 248

Her Spirit's Eyes: Part Five
by petfriendamy
Description: "I still can't believe that Mr. Ardon believed us when we said Wanda broke that lamp!" said the Kacheek with a giggle...

Week - 249

Her Spirit's Eyes: Part Six
by petfriendamy
Description: Wanda's eyes widened, the worst thought came to her mind. If Rose had this dagger, then...

Week - 250

Her Spirit's Eyes: Part Seven
by petfriendamy
Description: "Come on, sleepyhead!" Rorri said with a giggle. "It's a nice, sunny, Saturday morning! You're not gong to spend it in bed, are you?"

Week - 251

Her Spirit's Eyes: Part Eight
by petfriendamy
Description: "But of course, poor Princess Rose wouldn't want to be overthrown," Wanda added...

Week - 252

Her Spirit's Eyes: Part Nine
by petfriendamy
Description: She raced down the stairs as fast as she could. She spotted two figures: one was Monina and one was Dina. But which one was which was the hard part...

Week - 254

Pointless Nonsense - Money Tree
by petfriendamy
Description: I actually got something!

Week - 268

100 Excuses Not To Clean Your Room
by petfriendamy
Description: I'd like to share my best 100 excuses with you, for when YOUR owners yell about your messy rooms...

Week - 271

Comical Properties
by petfriendamy
Description: How are we supposed to get up THERE?

Story by blacebrander

Week - 284

Pointless Nonsense - Games Room
by petfriendamy
Description: They really redid the games room, didn't they?

Week - 285

Pointless Nonsense - Faerie Wars
by petfriendamy
Description: Did you hear about the Faerie Wars thing?

Week - 288

Dark Friend: Part One
by petfriendamy
Description: They almost felt as if they were teleporting to an entirely different land. At the fair, there were balloons, clowns, booths of all kinds, and lots of people having fun and licking ice cream cones...

Week - 289

Dark Friend: Part Two
by petfriendamy
Description: Laura was just heading toward her room with some mail in her hands when she heard the sound of scissors cutting something coming from Wanda and Dina's room. She didn't know what was going on in there, but...

Week - 290

Dark Friend: Part Three
by petfriendamy
Description: "Would you rather remain here for all eternity?" Cindon questioned...

Week - 291

Dark Friend: Part Four
by petfriendamy
Description: "What did she mean by 'ordinary citizen'?" Cindon wondered. "And who or what is 'the Indera'?"

Week - 292

Dark Friend: Part Five
by petfriendamy
Description: "Dina, we can't go back!" Wanda exclaimed. "You saw how weird Yollinda was acting. She could do terrible things to you!"

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