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Week - 237

The Dark Before the Dawn II: My Other Half - Part One
by jambammer
Description: "What happened with you and Cream?" I asked, sitting down beside her on her bed...

Week - 238

The Dark Before the Dawn II: My Other Half: Part Two
by jambammer
Description: I couldn’t help but think that what the doctor had told us was odd. I almost didn’t believe him. I’ve never known Sugar to place the blame on someone else if she knows it was not their fault...

Week - 239

The Dark Before the Dawn II: My Other Half - Part Three
by jambammer
Description: Not long after Cream fell asleep, the doctor came in. He looked rather nervous...

Week - 241

The Dark Before The Dawn: the Beginning
by jambammer
Description: The day finally came where we ran out of food. I knew it was coming; I just didn't want to admit it. The girls were off at school...

Week - 279

Interview With The Uppingtons
by jambammer
Description: That's Valentines, Mrs. Uppington, and it's a day where Neopians everywhere celebrate friendship. Surely, you have heard of it?

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