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Week - 248

Florg's R.99
by dandilion_crucifix
Description: Wait a second!

Week - 259

Dandilion Tails: Ignorance is Bliss
by dandilion_crucifix
Description: Mew...?

Week - 261

Dandilion Tails: On the Therapist's Couch
by dandilion_crucifix
Description: "The Trials and Tribulations of an Avatar Petpet"

Idea by walkaroundstar

Week - 264

Dandilion Tails: You Should Feed Him MONEY
by dandilion_crucifix
Description: Draik Egg: 3 mil pure.

Idea by walkaroundstar

Week - 265

Dandilion Tails: Outside Time
by walkaroundstar
Description: Oh noes.

Art by dandilion_crucifix

Week - 274

Dandilion Tails: Jump Jude Jump!
by dandilion_crucifix
Description: Zzzz...

Idea by walkaroundstar

Week - 276

Dandilion Tails: Popular Pet Awards
by dandilion_crucifix
Description: ... and the Winner is...

Also by walkaroundstar

Week - 277

Dandilion Tails: The Truth About Codestones
by dandilion_crucifix
Description: Accepting best offer!

Also by walkaroundstar

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