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Week - 193

The Discovery of Gravity
by hardlyevolved
Description: Not all discoveries are pleasing...

Week - 208

Snowager Trouble
by hardlyevolved
Description: Say aaaaaah....

Week - 233

Lollypop Got Your Tongue?
by hardlyevolved
Description: Didn't see that coming...

Also by highlyevolved

Week - 235

This is Why You Can't Find That Constellation
by hardlyevolved
Description: Look carefully...

Week - 265

I'm Not Hideous!
by hardlyevolved
Description: I bought you a new petpet today.

Week - 266

Finding the Perfect Petpet
by hardlyevolved
Description: For years I have been trying to find the right petpet...

Week - 269

The Importance of Education
by hardlyevolved
Description: Learn your maths...

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