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Week - 159

How to Create your Perfect Castle
by undeadfortune
Description: Yes, move over Hannah, and watch out Tyrannian Mini Golf, it seems Valrigard the Draik has a new fan club.

Week - 163

How to Create your Perfect Mini Golf Map
by undeadfortune
Description: What a great game it is! Where else can you hit a little object around a screen and drive yourself insane at the same time.

Week - 170

How to Create the Perfect Faerie Cave
by undeadfortune
Description: While Hannah and the Pirate Caves had its water, and Escape from Meridell Castle has its almost robotic-like enemies… Faerie Caves II has, well, balloons, boulders, and traps; and did I mention the spike traps?

Week - 177

Battle of Imagination: Part One
by undeadfortune
Description: We just tell each other stories, and the person with the best story, has the best imagination of the group.

Week - 179

Battle of Imagination: Part Two
by undeadfortune
Description: I was robbed this morning. They took everything from me! Even my cookbooks! I can't make any more chicken without them.

Week - 180

Battle of Imagination: Part Three
by undeadfortune
Description: If this doesn’t work… we’re going to be stuck in those jail cells for a long time.

Week - 181

Battle of Imagination - Part Four
by undeadfortune
Description: No, Ms. Z, nothing like that, I just wanted to ask you if two plus two was really in fact four....

Week - 182

Battle of Imagination - Part Five
by undeadfortune
Description: Today’s your big day! You’re finally going to have your voice fixed!

Week - 176

The Spardel That Wasn’t There
by undeadfortune
Description: This is the end for me! Who knew it’d I go like this! Wha? You’re no Bearog either, you’re a… Spardel? Ohh, pretty, a pink Spardel! Pink, like I am!

Week - 181

The Neopia Security Agency
by undeadfortune
Description: Marcus picks up the briefcase and makes his way down the dark alley. He doesn’t notice the figure following Marcus’ movements from his shadowy perch...

Week - 184

The Neopia Security Agency 2: Loose Ends
by undeadfortune
Description: You know the Chief; she won’t say we’re done until we’re exhausted and we can’t move.

Week - 189

Chia Bomber 2 – The Guide
by undeadfortune
Description: Poor Geoffrey. What is a Chia to do when groups of angry Neopets come storming into town, with mud slinging bazookas! Why, retaliate with water balloons of course!

Week - 195

An Issue of Sanity
by undeadfortune
Description: This has to be the best thing that has ever happened! I've been commissioned to write a memoir of one of my favorite Neopets of all time! Why, for the life of me, I cannot remember the last time such an event of good fortune has come my way!

Week - 194

Hubrid's Hero Heist - The Guide
by undeadfortune
Description: While the points rewarded for a successful game may be low, the replay value alone should appeal to even those that normally cross the street to avoid Flash games...

Also by jeffc_7227

Week - 197

Swarm - The Bugs Strike Back - Guide
by jeffc_7227
Description: The basis of the game is that you, a Wocky, have a job to do, and a swarm of evil fire spitting bugs aren’t making your day any easier.

Also by undeadfortune

Week - 199

Neverending Boss Battle - the Guide
by lilshorty1496
Description: Welcome to the world of the Neverending Boss Battle, the newest game to hit the Neopian game room, that has players locked in a life or death struggle against the fiendish Dr. Sloth himself!

Week - 235

A Diary Filled with Color
by undeadfortune
Description: It's such a great and happy world we live in these days. Why, I can't remember the last time I saw an unhappy face or a crying Neopet. Everyone is always smiling…

Week - 237

Fast Food
by undeadfortune
Description: "You finally went out and found me a job? Who'd you find desperate enough to hire me?"

Also by jeffc_7227

Week - 242

The Invisibility Game
by undeadfortune
Description: With the dropper clutched between my tense fingers, I lowered it over the bubbling mixture and prepared myself for the worst. I had to time it just right...

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