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Week - 201

No Petpets Were Injured in the Firing of This Cannon
by numbertwelve
Description: Yarrrr...

Week - 208

by numbertwelve
Description: Reports had filtered back of disturbances near the edge of Terror Wood and so Almister had taken it upon himself to seek out the source of the unrest...

Week - 209

Two Chias
by numbertwelve
Description: What did one Chia say to the other Chia?

Week - 216

Blessing: Part One
by numbertwelve
Description: She sang as she made her way along the marked path. The same path she followed every single day...

Week - 217

Blessing: Part Two
by numbertwelve
Description: Climbing to her feet, she turned her attention back to the tiny form of the Miamouse dancing at the edge of the clearing...

Week - 218

Blessing: Part Three
by numbertwelve
Description: They had not travelled far from her mother's house, on the Meri Acres Farm, when Allara stopped abruptly and turned her gaze towards her travelling companion, the tiny, mysterious Mi Toria...

Week - 219

Blessing: Part Four
by numbertwelve
Description: Allara stared blankly at the most powerful ruler in Neopia. Her mouth hung agape as she shrank away, awestruck by the magnificence of the being that stood before her...

Week - 236

Havering and the Temple of Horrors: Part One
by numbertwelve
Description: Truly, he cared little for the value of the treasure, or the wealth it might, or might not bring him. His only reason for venturing to the nameless isle was to rid himself of the emptiness of his life...

Week - 237

Havering and the Temple of Horrors: Part Two
by numbertwelve
Description: “ faceless... dark... don’t make me go... no! So many... so many... so many...”

Week - 238

Havering and the Temple of Horrors: Part Three
by numbertwelve
Description: But Havering could feel the pain, he could see the pain, and he vowed then and there that he would cleanse these poor Neopians of their pain if it was the last thing he ever did.

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