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Week - 205

Mysterious Patchwork: Part One
by dark_goddess_rising
Description: Just as the Aisha planned, she walked in from the summer heat at the exact moment of the restock. She reached for one of the shelves near the door and grabbed a soft, stuffed pet...

Week - 206

Mysterious Patchwork: Part Two
by dark_goddess_rising
Description: "Excuse me," she asked. "Do you have any Plushie Kau Plushies?"

Week - 207

Mysterious Patchwork: Part Three
by dark_goddess_rising
Description: This place was so much nicer than the Adoption Agency. Even if he could only stay for a little while...

Week - 207

Getting a New Pet: Are You Really Ready?
by dark_goddess_rising
Description: That create a pet button is awfully tempting, and without neopets there would be no Neopia, but how do you know when it’s time?

Week - 220

Sophie the Swamp Witch
by dark_goddess_rising
Description: Sophie’s name proves two things about her. She lives in a swamp and she’s a witch.

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