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Week - 185

The Spending Spree
by nut862
Description: "Carl, this is the money we're going to buy food with," said the red Jetsam as he handed some coins to his brother. "Don't spend it!"

Week - 195

For The Life of a Pirate: Part One
by nut862
Description: Wouldn’t it be fun to sleep in a hammock instead of a boring, unmoving bed, with the salt spray in his face and the wind blowing across the deck?

Week - 196

For The Life of a Pirate: Part Two
by nut862
Description: Ron reached Krawk Island at last, dripping from his swim, but strangely exhilarated like never before. The dark didn’t bother him anymore. At last he could see the island he’d read so much about...

Week - 197

For The Life of a Pirate: Part Three
by nut862
Description: She tried to calm herself down, telling herself that there were a lot of orange Krawks and that most of them were probably pirates. But she couldn’t shake the feeling that she had a clue at last, after years of fruitless search...

Week - 198

For The Life of a Pirate: Part Four
by nut862
Description: “We have a treatment for stowaways, and that is that they must pay for their board by working around the ship.”

Week - 199

In The Spotlight
by nut862
Description: Even though I'm a Rainbow Quiggle, I still enjoy Jubjub Day. I also enjoy Yurble Day and Koi Day and Moehog Day, and pretty much every pet day, as well as the normal days in between...

Week - 202

The Wishing Jewel: Part One
by nut862
Description: Outside, faint rays of gentle morning sun warmed Mitara's face, and she smiled. The sounds of a busy day in Meridell reached her ears...

Week - 203

The Wishing Jewel: Part Two
by nut862
Description: "No way! Are you crazy, Mitara? We're not giving THIS away!" Julan said, turning the jewel around in her paws so that the light caught it from all angles...

Week - 204

Mastering Hasee Bounce
by nut862
Description: You’ve got a time limit! You didn’t think you could just keep those Hasees bouncing forever, did you?

Week - 206

The Faerie Pet: Part One
by nut862
Description: The morning was sweltering with heat as the sun beat down on Neopia Central. I was sitting in my pond in the garden, which was little more than a puddle of water that barely came up to my blue Flotsam tummy...

Week - 207

The Faerie Pet: Part Two
by nut862
Description: I swam up to the palace looming above me, and swam upwards, towards the nearest seaweed-covered window. I hesitated for just a moment, and then swam through the window. I was inside...

Week - 208

The Faerie Pet: Part Three
by nut862
Description: I had to tell her that she'd gotten her information wrong or something, because I was definitely not going to be saving a queen anytime soon. That was out of my line of work...

Week - 209

The Faerie Pet: Part Four
by nut862
Description: The blue Jetsam that had asked me to enter the palace to begin with was waiting outside. He swam up to me...

Week - 210

The Faerie Pet: Part Five
by nut862
Description: Tears began to well in my eyes. Quiggler... Lulu... Sparkler! My siblings, the ones I loved... and my Greeble, Prince... was I never to see any of them again? Was I doomed to live in the darkness forever?

Week - 206

Save the Slorgs!
by nut862
Description: "Oh, no," the Yurble said. "They're gone. I Slorgerised them."

Week - 209

The Happiest Quiggle
by nut862
Description: So that's what unhappy looks like...

Week - 210

An Interview With a Game Hero: a Certain Alien Aisha
by nut862
Description: There’s a certain new game called Magma Blaster that, while being a very fun game with good payout, leaves many things unanswered. I decided to see if I could find out some inside information straight from the game’s own hero, an Alien Aisha.

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