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Week - 170

Kanrik's Quest
by iriswind
Description: With his standing as a Thief challenged, Kanrik must embark upon a most challenging task – to steal from the dreaded Snowager...

Week - 174

Wannabe Meridellian Princess
by iriswind
Description: With the war over, Lisha is given the chance to dress like a noble lady...

Week - 184

by iriswind
Description: Lisha goes to receive her blessings from Illusen but there are complications...

Week - 185

Legends of Neopia
by iriswind
Description: Armin receives an unexpected guest. Who could it be??

Week - 187

Legends of Neopia
by iriswind
Description: The day you can trust Kanrik...

Week - 208

Legends of Neopia
by iriswind
Description: Kanrik’s role: Hero, Villain or… something else?

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