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Week - 160

Trini’s Band
by ladyariel32
Description: "What homework?" Ramoose replied. He gazed at their owner. "Being in a band sounds kind of fun. What d'you think, SeaZ0ne?"

Week - 192

Khalid's Pride: Part One
by ladyariel32
Description: The Chia gave an involuntary shudder. He liked Lupes, in general, but this one disgusted him a lot. For no reason, at all, it seemed...

Week - 193

Khalid's Pride: Part Two
by ladyariel32
Description: Khalid groaned. Why couldn't he escape Anya even in dreams? He worried about her in real life enough, didn't he?

Week - 188

Just Another Bunch of Letters
by ladyariel32
Description: You didn’t reply to my last letter. Why? Is something going on that you can’t tell me? Maybe my letter hasn’t reached you...

Week - 191

Audition, Schmaudition!
by ladyariel32
Description: I am at the Soup Faerie Kitchen right now where the Soup Faerie, that gentle kind soul, is holding auditions for “The Kougra, the Witch and the Wardrobe”, a theatrical production she is sponsoring for the benefit of the hungry Neopets in Neopia.

Week - 194

Harmless Wishes: Part One
by ladyariel32
Description: The inside of the tent was just like its exterior. The same beautiful material covered the tent’s walls, ceiling, and floor. On each wall was a row of wooden shelves carrying various bottles of sand and nothing else...

Week - 195

Harmless Wishes: Part Two
by ladyariel32
Description: "Oh," the Gelert said. "Still, this wishdust is precious! Why's the price so low?"

Week - 196

Harmless Wishes: Part Three
by ladyariel32
Description: "I told you I could make your wishes come true," the Gelert said smugly...

Week - 197

Harmless Wishes: Part Four
by ladyariel32
Description: Sweat poured down his fruity face. His heart drummed inside his chest. The Lupe smiled at him. A famished smile. Chi gulped...

Week - 198

Harmless Wishes: Part Five
by ladyariel32
Description: "Those rascals," she whispered. "Eating when they should be making wishes!"

Week - 199

Harmless Wishes: Part Six
by ladyariel32
Description: "What do you guys think about wishing for a million Neopoints?" Yannagiba asked cautiously.

Week - 200

Harmless Wishes: Part Seven
by ladyariel32
Description: "How many wishes can we make before it loses its magic?" Yuki fired at her.

Week - 201

Harmless Wishes: Part Eight
by ladyariel32
Description: No one said it aloud but they were all thinking the same thing: they wished they hadn't even heard of the wishdust in the first place...

Week - 202

Harmless Wishes: Part Nine
by ladyariel32
Description: "RUN!"

Week - 192

by ladyariel32
Description: FLY!!

Week - 203

Yet Another Bunch of Letters
by ladyariel32
Description: Dear Yannagiba, you left barely an hour ago and yet, I already miss you...

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