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Week - 167

Afterschool Horrors - Part 5
by articuno_neo
Description: You are not who you think you are...

Week - 168

Afterschool Horrors - Part 6
by articuno_neo
Description: Why ME?

Week - 169

Afterschool Horrors - Part 7
by articuno_neo
Description: P-Pizza?

Week - 171

Of Rivals and Riches
by Holycow81
Description: Celeny, a white Zafara, stared at the sea. Sitting on the warm sand. She heard of Whitebeard's legend too. She wanted to go and find the treasure, that would surely make her rich. Celeny was a treasure hunter and a good one. But she had one rival - Geoff.

Also by Articuno_Neo

Week - 200

Ancient Neopia: Part One
by articuno_neo
Description: Jarod threw the Virtupet on the ground and he was filled with frustration. "Stupid game…" he softly muttered...

Week - 201

Ancient Neopia: Part Two
by articuno_neo
Description: The monsters were nearing the city. Their claws sharpened their teeth even sharper than their claws. They growled angrily and their roars could have been heard if the people were not asleep...

Week - 202

Ancient Neopia: Part Three
by articuno_neo
Description: He desperately clawed the cliff, hoping that he could survive this...

Week - 203

Ancient Neopia: Part Four
by articuno_neo
Description: "Is this my end? No way!" Hero said to himself. "I can survive…"

Week - 203

The Misadventures of a Pink Lenny
by immortalmina
Description: "Windy"

Drawn by articuno_neo

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