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Week - 199

Twisted Turns Of Fate: Part One
by __devils_angels__
Description: It was hidden in the back storage room of the Food Shop. No one had bothered to look there…

Week - 200

Twisted Turns Of Fate: Part Two
by __devils_angels__
Description: Jeran sat miserably in the dungeon cell with Quenten. His whole reputation would be ruined, his hero-status demolished...

Week - 201

Twisted Turns Of Fate: Part Three
by __devils_angels__
Description: Lisha's eyes grew wide when she heard her friend scream. "Kayla!" Trembling with cold, she ran to the mouth of the Cave... and gasped...

Week - 202

Twisted Turns Of Fate: Part Four
by __devils_angels__
Description: He thought about all the times he and Jeran had hung out together; he thought about playing with Lisha when they were younger…It was working!

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