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Week - 161

30 Neomails I Don't Want at 7 a.m.
by alethea1
Description: 29 – “The mad scientist from the lab ray writing in regards to a lab… incident. I kind of accidentally zapped Uni with the wrong ray… could you please come and collect your pile of sludge formerly known as Liberte_Real?”

Week - 161

Golden Dreams
by alethea1
Description: "We should only look at it when we need a little hope or inspiration, or maybe to find each other or ourselves again."

Week - 163

The Case of the Lying Letter: Part One
by playmobil_is_my_life
Description: "Well, that's nice that he's having fun," said TigerWing, folding up the letter and placing it across from her. When she glanced at Cali, she noticed that Cali looked confused, "What?"

Week - 166

The Case of the Lying Letter: Part Four
by playmobil_is_my_life
Description: "TigerWing is gone…because you threatened her."

Week - 169

The Case of the Lying Letter: Part Seven
by playmobil_is_my_life
Description: "We have to get out of here," Kojak said, "this place is going to cave in!"

Week - 165

Try, Try Again
by labra_doodlelover
Description: "Don't worry, Hallie. I'm sure one of your stories will get in the Times one of these days. I've read them and they're really good."

Week - 164

Of Halloween Pranks and Younger Sisters
by violetneo4
Description: "Good work Avi," he said. "Listen, you want to be a big kid, don't you?"

Week - 166

Five Lottery Tickets
by shadowcristal
Description: "Why do we always do this?" Otur asked. She had heard the story at least a hundred times, but it always made her owner happy to tell it.

Week - 166

Way Down South
by cluttered
Description: YOu cut holes in my hat!

Week - 169

Go From Blah... to Wow! A Guide To Personalities
by cluttered
Description: It’s a guide to make your pet seem like it’s the most brilliant one ever! Even if it’s not painted Maraquan.

Week - 169

One Potato, Two Potato, Three Potato...
by flutterbyegrl
Description: Today I have traveled to Meri Acres farm, in the ever so popular Meridell to interview Alton Moughbry, better known as the Potato Counter Guy. You will be shocked and amazed at his deepest and innermost thoughts.

Week - 173

Frozen Hearts
by worldcool
Description: "Do not expose yourself to the cold just yet, Taelia," it advised her. "I know I must seem suspicious to you, but you must understand that I want nothing more than to help you."

Week - 181

The Letter to Anne
by hottamale0774
Description: I have had lots of thinking time for the past few days. I mostly think about what I said above and you. Anne, even though it is indirectly, you have been the force that compelled me to survive through the terror and fear.

Week - 184

The Curse of Maraqua
by charlotte203368
Description: Marissa the Maraquan Acara and Theresa the Maraquan Uni were playing around in a coral reef, ducking and diving between the holes and swimming around wildly, playing as long as their hearts desired. That is, until the boats came...

Week - 190

The Curse of Maraqua: On Land - Part One
by charlotte203368
Description: Thoughts flashed around in Theresa's head. But there was one consequence to becoming a land-person. She could never come back to Maraqua again unless she was painted Maraquan.

Week - 191

The Curse of Maraqua: On Land - Part Two
by charlotte203368
Description: Sephardo's mind was racing. His clear green eyes were floating away, absorbed by a different-looking pair. He could hear his master's voice yelling in his head...

Week - 188

Just Another Bunch of Letters
by ladyariel32
Description: You didn’t reply to my last letter. Why? Is something going on that you can’t tell me? Maybe my letter hasn’t reached you...

Week - 194

The Doughnutfruit Critic
by _l_t_e_
Description: What is so appealing about these simple fruits that our little petpet pals are willing to bounce around all day just to get their hands on some? Have Woogy and Jimmi really hit on something big?

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