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Week - 163

To The Moon
by _shakky_
Description: "Please, tell me you're joking, mum..." Aylinn half-whispered, eyes wide. "My entire life is here. My friends, my school... what about Mabel?"

Week - 165

A Treasure Lost
by _shakky_
Description: "Aylinn, there's something I need you to look at," Deki said. "I can't say more right now… but follow me to the house. It's urgent…"

Week - 164

by _shakky_
Description: How *does* he hold that cape on? (... double-sided tape?)

Week - 168

by _shakky_
Description: What the dignified Neopian needs to know to avoid being reported, ridiculed, and laughed at.

Week - 170

Tell Me... #2
by _shakky_
Description: Open already!

Week - 169

Tell Me...
by _shakky_
Description: Pllllrrrrr!

Week - 170

Something Has Happened!
by _shakky_
Description: "Who is throwing snowballs at me?!"

Week - 179

The New Neopian Order, As Ordained By Sloth
by _shakky_
Description: As a reporter for the Times, my journalist’s instincts told me I must spread the news. This was top-notch stuff, fresh from the hands of everyone’s favourite villain.

Week - 184

Glowing Woe
by _shakky_
Description: I guess it can be useful for some Neopets...

Week - 187

Minutes of Entertainment
by _shakky_
Description: What is that?

Also by springsteen0991

Week - 189

Juicing the Meepits
by _shakky_
Description: Meep.... Meep... Rawr!

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