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Week - 162

Baby Lupe, Red Gelert, Red Gelert, Baby Lupe: Part One
by neonick19881988
Description: "Toggerneo," Neonick said quietly, "it's done. Get over it! We're not abandoning him, we're not doing anything to hurt him. He's a part of the family."

Week - 163

Baby Lupe, Red Gelert, Red Gelert, Baby Lupe: Part Two
by neonick19881988
Description: "What's that?" asked a voice from behind, and Toggerneo froze. "What's a Lupe doing here?"

Week - 164

Baby Lupe, Red Gelert, Red Gelert, Baby Lupe: Part Three
by neonick19881988
Description: "Fine. He is NOT my brother -- he's a Lupe you happened to adopt, on one of your strange ideas!"

Week - 166

The Tower Journey: Part One
by neonick19881988
Description: "This shop is closed indefinitely! I'm sorry, I really am, but you'll all have to leave…"

Week - 167

The Tower Journey: Part Two
by neonick19881988
Description: "Ha! Is that the best you have, Thade? I have come to claim the items, and then I shall leave you in peace! Now, where is the… Sword of Skardsen?"

Week - 168

The Tower Journey: Part Three
by neonick19881988
Description: The tall figure dropped his bomb on the cobbled floor, and tugged Toggerneo to his feet. Soon they were speeding down the many corridors of the castle, heading towards the thick wooden doors. When they came into view they were blocked by two figures.

Week - 169

The Tower Journey: Part Four
by neonick19881988
Description: "Bagguss? Bagguss bombs?" Those strange, quivering fruit-bombs were what had saved him, but he knew that they could also easily do the complete opposite. Bagguss Bombs were on the list, sure, but he didn't fancy dropping back down into the mine field. "So how do I get them?"

Week - 170

The Tower Journey: Part Five
by neonick19881988
Description: And seeing crimson flames dance around a light blue ice. The Snowager stopped immediately, enchanted by the blade, and Toggerneo took another look at it himself.

Week - 171

The Tower Journey: Part Six
by neonick19881988
Description: "You ain't dressed right," the Captain told his new employee quickly. "Get some new clothes, and you can get on. Armour is SO last century."

Week - 172

The Tower Journey: Part Seven
by neonick19881988
Description: "The faeries told you to break into the King's vault and steal money. The Faeries told you to knock out the hero Jeran and steal his sword."

Week - 173

The Tower Journey: Part Eight
by neonick19881988
Description: "Pets of Meridell!" yelled Darigan, capturing their attention. "I took your money, not this Gelert! But it was for a good cause! Here!"

Week - 174

The Tower Journey: Part Nine
by neonick19881988
Description: "I'm Toggerneo, I guess I'm working here now." More stares, no noise. "Wow, tough crowd. So, did you hear the one about the Skeith and the Dragonack?"

Week - 183

Darigan Eyrie: Kass Or Nothing At All - Part One
by neonick19881988
Description: Birdie shook her head, tears flying everywhere. Her owner had watery eyes as well, but not nearly as much as she should, in the Eyrie's opinion, and she felt so... betrayed.

Week - 184

Darigan Eyrie: Kass Or Nothing At All - Part Two
by neonick19881988
Description: The Eyrie's eyes refused to stay shut. Images flashed before them every time they tried to slide shut, flashes of the Darigan Paintbrush, of the mighty Lord Kass, of Birdie standing at his side, in his place-

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