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Week - 178

The Chronicles of Knight: The Knight Within - Part One
by fierwym
Description: Let's say that there is a knight who has forgotten his vows, and one not a knight who follows every code a knight should. Who is more a knight, the one in title, or the one in heart?

Week - 179

The Chronicles of Knight: The Knight Within - Part Two
by fierwym
Description: She was not meant to be a statue, she told herself over and over. She was to be a knight.

Week - 180

The Chronicles of Knight: The Knight Within - Part Three
by fierwym
Description: "Squire," he hissed, and she looked him straight in the eye. "Do you realize what your trespass does to your prospect of becoming a knight?"

Week - 181

The Chronicles of Knight: The Knight Within - Part Four
by fierwym
Description: He had learned how to use his sword of a horn, and when to use it. Learning all this before he even became a squire, Tamal was an intimidating knight.

Week - 182

The Chronicles of Knight: The Knight Within - Part Five
by fierwym
Description: Avari had shown that she was the true knight that Meridell needed. His heart was now at war: should he allow the girl to become a knight, or refuse her?

Week - 183

The Chronicles of Knight: The Knight Within - Part Six
by fierwym
Description: "Now that the traitor has told Meridell of our plans," said Blake, "we will have to make new ones, and quick. The army They promised won't wait if we tarry."

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