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Week - 167

I Told You So...
by funandgames999
Description: Oh look! It's the Pant Devil, Quick, run!

Week - 166

The Pen is Mightier Than the Sword...
by funandgames999
Description: OUCH!

Week - 170

Dear Santa...
by funandgames999
Description: "A letter to Santa"

Week - 176

A Proverbial Nightmare: Fun and Games
by funandgames999
Description: Beware of the frisbee.

Week - 176

Neopian Wackiness
by cherv1
Description: Pen Pal Wackiness

Art: funandgames999

Week - 177

A Proverbial Nightmare: The Early Bird
by funandgames999
Description: I am not a worm!

Week - 179

A Proverbial Nightmare: Counting
by funandgames999
Description: 4-3=?

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