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Week - 164

Savak: The Medallion - Part One
by zephandolf
Description: "You're becoming an adult. One journey in your life is coming to an end, and another one is about to begin."

Week - 165

Savak: The Medallion - Part Two
by zephandolf
Description: Looking uneasy, Kosek padded closer to the cage. "So what do we do now?" he asked. "Do we leave him here?"

Week - 166

Savak: The Medallion - Part Three
by zephandolf
Description: "This?" Savak asked. "It…it was Murgoh's. He was my pack's leader."

Week - 167

Savak: The Medallion - Part Four
by zephandolf
Description: "Red Lupe?" Savak asked. "I…I thought he was white."

Week - 168

Savak: The Medallion - Part Five
by zephandolf
Description: "Shimmy up the pipe?" Lukas asked. "What would that…Oh, to get to that vent, you mean? I could try."

Week - 169

Savak: The Medallion - Part Six
by zephandolf
Description: As he spoke, the two Grundos left the office and started walking across the factory. Behind them walked a tall gray-green figure in a long, black cloak

Week - 170

Savak: The Medallion - Part Seven
by zephandolf
Description: Savak looked up in surprise as his mother padded over from the other side of the cage. When she came to stand next to Murgoh, she looked up, and went stiff with shock.

Week - 171

Savak: The Medallion - Part Eight
by zephandolf
Description: "Lukas, wait!" Savak cried, hoisting himself up on three legs. "That Lupe is being controlled, like the others were!"

Week - 176

Savak: The Search - Part One
by zephandolf
Description: "I need to speak to a light faerie named Jearii," Savak blurted out. "Can you contact her for me?"

Week - 177

Savak: The Search - Part Two
by zephandolf
Description: "Is there a map nearby?" he asked. "I would like to plan our…'stay' here."

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