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Week - 158

Bringing Home The Gold
by jeaniesofatso
Description: Beads of sweat formed on Tyrin the Kougra's head as he carefully moved the loop around the wire. Just an inch more until the end, he thought. Just one inch more... and he could get a gold trophy on this game...

Week - 165

Attack of the Slorgs!! A Guide
by jeaniesofatso
Description: Ha! Didn't think you would see a guide to this game THIS early, did you? Well, think again.

Week - 164

Just Great
by jeaniesofatso
Description: My costume is better than yours!

Week - 168

Just Great
by jeaniesofatso
Description: Consider it done!

Week - 177

Just Great! Valentine's Day
by jeaniesofatso
Description: "Valentine's Day"

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