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Week - 172

Hannah Meets Hannah: Part One
by alicia_jewel
Description: "Hannah, the real Hannah, is coming to Neopia Central TODAY!" replied Hannah Jewel. "You can meet her in person and get her autograph for FREE!"

Week - 173

Hannah Meets Hannah: Part Two
by alicia_jewel
Description: "Something on your mind, Hannah Jewel?" asked Slushie Jewel. "Whenever you sigh like that, you're thinking about something…"

Week - 174

Hannah Meets Hannah: Part Three
by alicia_jewel
Description: "Okay, let's go," said Hannah. "It's an easy cave from what I saw. We'll go until we reach a fork, then we can mark our path."

Week - 175

Hannah Meets Hannah: Part Four
by alicia_jewel
Description: "Did you really think I was helping you?" growled the Snow Beast. "It was merely a trap to get you all here. I've been after you for a long time, Hannah. Now, you're mine!"

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