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Week - 158

Only an Accident
by shadowcristal
Description: "If you say 'Eld of the Fire, come to my aid!' while holding this leaf I'll come and try to help you," Eld said. "But please do be careful, this can only be used once."

Week - 159

A Truly Memorable Article
by shadowcristal
Description: No matter what you read, there is bound to be something stuck in your mind, that’s one thing for sure.

Week - 160

A Punchbag Named Sid
by shadowcristal
Description: Sid just stood there, letting the information sink in. Favorite… Being special. The bitter taste of losing spread in the punchbag's mouth as he walked off to the house.

Week - 159

Red X-Donations Galore
by shadowcristal
Description: One item per customer.

Week - 160

Writing for the NT When English is NOT Your First Language
by shadowcristal
Description: This is an article to help you to write for the Neopian Times… if you’re one of those international players.

Week - 161

Reaching the Sky
by shadowcristal
Description: "Dare to do things! That's what the books say…"

Week - 161

Getting that Ultimate Bullseye
by shadowcristal
Description: Yes, this is another one of those how-to game articles. But hey, there haven’t been any articles totally dedicated to Ultimate Bullseye.

Week - 162

A Neopian's Past-time Hobby: Collecting Avatars
by shadowcristal
Description: An avatar is a lovely little piece made of pixels that look pleasant to the eye. If that’s all you think of when you hear the word, you’ve only touched the surface.

Week - 163

Leaving Florae
by shadowcristal
Description: They talk as if I wasn't here… Maddy sadly stared into the ceiling. She didn't have anything against Draiks, but why would one have to take her place, right here and now? She just didn't understand why…

Week - 165

The Magical Road
by shadowcristal
Description: Thalia put her paw into the bag, grabbed her homework and ran towards the homework box. There, she tried to get the stuff out of the bag. It was a total failure. The Eyrie's paw was stuck.

Week - 164

How to Greet Neopian Celebrities
by shadowcristal
Description: What would you do if you ever met one? Well, today we’ll look at several ways of greeting a Neopian celeb.

Week - 166

Five Lottery Tickets
by shadowcristal
Description: "Why do we always do this?" Otur asked. She had heard the story at least a hundred times, but it always made her owner happy to tell it.

Week - 167

A Storybook Tale: Part One
by shadowcristal
Description: "Have fun with what?" Lexicae thought, quite confused. "Oh well, a free book... I won't complain."

Week - 168

A Storybook Tale: Part Two
by shadowcristal
Description: "It takes many faeries to stop a single pet, and we aren't that many of light. Some have already fled and others have joined forces with darkness. We need a pet to fight a pet!" Lyster pleaded.

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