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Week - 165

The Lesser-Known Petpets: Felly
by simsman24000
Description: Well, it seems quite obvious that most of Neopia is ignorant to the wonderful little creature aptly (or rather not aptly) named the ‘Felly.’

Week - 165

Bucky the Babaa
by simsman24000
Description: LIEK OMG IT'Z A BUCKY COMIC!!!!!!111

Week - 164

Bucky the Babaa's Halloween Special
by simsman24000
Description: You heard me!

Week - 166

Wrawk the Merciless: Part One
by simsman24000
Description: "Now I can actually get back to plotting my evil schemes!"

Week - 167

Wrawk the Merciless: Part Two
by simsman24000
Description: "Wow! That's neat!" cried Wrawk. "So tell me...what am I thinking?"

Week - 167

The Lesser-Known Petpets: Deaver
by simsman24000
Description: The Deaver is a clever little creature that sells for 8 dubloons... but you can’t put a price on Petpet love!

Week - 166

Adskidaf, Inc.
by _chazm_
Description: And you thought one rascal was enough...

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