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The Merits of the Safety Deposit Box, Shops and Bank

by 3curlyfries

One night, on NeoPets, I had about 2300 NP. I put some items up for auction, then went to bed. The next morning, I had 12,800. “WOW!” I exclaimed, and then realised that I was a Tyrannian War Hero. I was so happy, having only been about a week and a half on NeoPets. I bought my pets tons of nothings, that I couldn’t before. I made the money last a really long time, too. But I could have made it last longer with the Bank on my side.

When I had first started on NeoPets I looked at the list to make more NP. One was “Open a Bank Account”. I did, but only for the 30 NP it offered. That was when I had about 200 NP left.

I was still new to NeoPets. I didn’t have a shop, or anything, so except for the Wheel of Excitement and Mediocrity, or auctions or trades, I couldn’t make a lot of more money. After my 10, 000 NP had run out ( I made it last a LOT longer then some of my friends) and I had about 900 left, I discovered I could make a shop. My shop sold a lot of stuff out really really quickly. I remember one day I restocked my shop, and about a half hour later left for a sleepover at my friend's house. We were on NeoPets and went to see my shop. One item, out of twenty, was left. I had made a grand profit of 300 NP. Not bad for a half hour.

After I opened a shop though and had a lot of NP, I realised I was spending it too quickly and too easily. I put a lot of it in my bank account, and now if I have some NP in my sales till, I usually put half of it in the bank and use the other half to restock my shop or buy food. My greatest moment was yesterday, when I sold an Eo Codestone for 4,500 and doubled the amount in my bank account. The bank is really helpful for that because if you have your 15,000 NP lying around, you’ll probably spend it really fast. With the National Neopian, you can put a control and limit on how much you spend and how you spend it.

Now, the Safety Deposit Box. I saw one day I had 52 items in my Inventory, and none in my Safety Deposit Box. I had some rare and uncommon items, and items I just thought were cool, so I’ve been transporting them in my Safety Deposit Box. You won’t find really rare items for me under “Your Items”. If you have a lot of items but not really any unbuyables, rares, or uncommons, you can use the Safety Deposit Box as a double inventory. I keep cures, rare foods, an Official Brain Tree Plushie, the occasional Codestone, Healing Potions and Elixirs in it.

With the bank, I’ve gone from about 1,000 to 11,000 NP in just under two weeks. I know 11,000 isn’t a lot for you millionaires, but I’m proud of the fact I’ve been able to make this money. And with the Deposit Box, I can keep my rare items or the ones I want inside without cluttering up my inventory. Now, let’s move onto shops.

When I first started NeoPets I didn’t know having shops were an option. I’ve already mentioned them in this article, but I was very pleased in the first day when I made over 800 NP. Having a cheap shop-for example, one of my first rules was “nothing over 250 NP” but sometimes that can be unreasonable. You buy a Glamour Negg for 600, sell it for 150-you’re losing over 500 NP there. I upgraded and plan to keep my shop at Size 5. Any items can be placed in a shop-for example, paintbrushes. Paintbrushes are very big sellers-for example, raymondchiang sold a Cloud Paintbrush and made a tidy profit of 20,000. I sold a codestone and made a small profit of 4500--they also go out within practically five minutes. And collectable cards are always a safe bet.

The only real drawbacks to having a shop is sometimes, if you’re determined to have a cheap shop, you lose NP buying expensive things and setting them out at cheap prices. I lost 400 NP on a Chia Transmogrification Potion one time.

For a shop, I offer the advice ALWAYS checking on the shop wizard first. Also, items for 200,000 and 100,000 NP CAN’T be bought. It's like “on display”. If you sell cures, sell them cheaply-so what is Neopkins is selling for 6,000 NP at the cheapest price, D'achoo has been going around--stock lots and sell them for 600. Those are the three surefire ways to make money and get rare items.

Number One: Store lots of NP in your BANK ACCOUNT!

Number Two: Use your Safety Deposit Box (you get these if you have a Bank Account)

Number Three: Open a Shop! Well, those are the legal ways of doing it. But they’re pretty successful.