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Player's Guide: Ice Cream Factory

by partygurl9

Learn how to play this awesome game from a Grand Master

This article will include info about the game along with strategies and tips to help you throughout the game. The Ice Cream Factory game is a fairly new game that has just opened up to NeoPets! It's a great game that most people can play but it does get tricky so I will help you along with this players guide that I have created!

The main goal of this game is to complete each level by dodging the ice cream scoops. You will guide Adee around by using your mouse. After each level, the difficulty increases. As it increases, the ice cream scoops will begin to go faster and more will be ejected at the same time. There are special ice cream scoops that are available to pick up. I will explain to you when to pick up these scoops and when to avoid them...

*The Golden Scoop (my favourite) - This scoop appears just the same as the scoops being shot at you but it is gold. By picking up this scoop it gives you enough points to pass that level. Although it is usually rare to get one, it's extremely helpful in the later rounds

*The Purple/Yellow Scoop - This scoop is a purplish color with a little bit of yellow and is also see through, inside you will see a Chia that is fairly small. By picking up this scoop you will be reduced in size which is very helpful in moving through scoops. But this scoop limits where you can move. When you are reduced one time you cannot go to the side edges and I think on the second or third you can only move left or right (not up or down) so be careful how many times you pick this up! Once you get hit you will be returned to normal size!

*The Dark Blue/Red Scoop - This scoop is again see through but inside it has a rather large Chia It acts in the complete opposite as the purple one, because it will make you larger. Try your best not to pick up this scoop! Especially in the later rounds! Again, once you get hit you will be returned to normal size!

*The Red Scoop - This red, see through scoop contains a heart inside. When you pick this up it will give you an extra life! It's pretty rare but very helpful in the later rounds.

*The Dark Blue Scoop - This dark blue scoop contains a minus (-) sign in it. It will make the scoops slower which is helpful when the scoops are very fast.

*The Light Blue Scoop - This scoop is mainly light blue and contains a plus (+) sign. It speeds up the scoops. I suggest only picking this up when the scoops are going very slow and you want to speed the game up.

Here are some tips while playing this part of the game. Don't hesitate to pick up the free life/golden scoops! Once you see them appear on your screen move quickly over to them! Also I suggest reducing your size by one each level (if available) because it does help to be smaller.

I just explained the first part of each level, so here are some tips for the second part of each level. After you dodge the ice cream scoops you will be taken into a warehouse, you must move boxes out of your way and make it to the opening at the top of the screen. Sounds easy, huh? Well of course there is a catch. You can only move the boxes up and right (not down and left) and once a box is pressed against another it can't be moved again (unless you can move the one behind it somehow). There are usually several purple boxes try to collect these and you will get extra points. Once you get to the opening at the top, you are on to the next level.

Here are some tips though. Like the first part, the warehouse gets harder as you go so keep that in mind. If you don't think you can get a purple box leave it! It's only worth 10 pts and remember your main focus is to get out! Once you get into the higher levels, before you move any boxes look around! Decide where to go and which way you can make it! By chance you get messed up and can't make it to the opening, in the bottom right hand corner there is a button that says escape. It will take you to the next level, but it will also take away a life! Once you get into the upper levels make sure you have extra lives because, guaranteed, you will need them for the warehouses!

I hope I helped you with this guide! If you have any questions Neomail partygurl9 and I'll be happy to answer any questions you may have!