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The Way to Train

by TanzaniteSerpent and Kerilita the Aisha

I can remember those days when I was a little baby blue Aisha, barely even able to stand up by myself. I loved to take walks with my owner around Neopia, and almost everywhere I see NeoPets of all kinds of colour and sizes training their attacks for the Battledome. They shot out water jets as if they were falling cataracts themselves and fireballs blazing as hot as the sun, but still their opponent stood. It was that day that I decided to train to become a stronger pet like them, with the help of my owner.

My first step was to first of all, have a good balance. It was tough, even when holding onto my owners hand, it felt like I was in an earthquake, but no it was only my feet wobbling as I struggled to stand. Soon enough I saw I was standing very well.

Next I had to learn the basics of attacks and dodges, like jumping in time, punches, biting, kicking, and blocking. The first few punches at the little toy beanbag hurt like a mix of burning, stinging, and scratching. Every few minutes, I fell to the ground, tired out. I could not quit, even when my owner suggested that I should rest in between. These moves I practiced every day, from the first thread thin light from the sun, into the hot afternoon, until finally when the moon is right above my head.

For weeks I went on like this. My owner had gotten very worried. She tried to read books, play with plushies, and even eat gourmet meals with me trying to stop me from training so very hard. But no, I would not, could not stop until I was very strong.

One night as I was training as usual, I felt the presence of something next to me. A faint light glowed behind the bush. I stared, not daring to move an inch at all. Out came a little Faerie; it was the queen Faerie, very beautiful and strong. She told me that she had been watching me train, and that she could help me grow strong with her magic if I got her what she wanted for her Faerie friends.

Once in a while I got the Faeries what they wanted, like cards, lipstick, and many other things. From this my powers went stronger, so I continued until that day when they told me I could not do this anymore because they had to take care of too many pets. I was depressed, but I could not give up still. Without the help of Faeries, it was hard. I would find another way, but never again the same I did for the past weeks of day and night training, it was too tough.

At this time, I hardly did any training at all unless a Faerie asked me to help them. My owner was a bit glad, but sad at what I have become for I was just depressed at every little thing I did, even when I should be very happy. She told me she would find a different way to help me train. I waited days at home for her to come back, but no luck so far.

Finally one day she came back, and she discovered the Mystery Island, where a wise techo trained people for some rare Codestones. Even though my owner was quite broke then, she bought them all for me. I spent minutes, then hours, and even days at the training school. I was exhausted. It was then I think that it was time for me to go to the Battledome, where all the strong and tough pets fought.

My owner and I went to the Battledome, and as we entered saw many pets fiercely tackling one another. I was horrified when I knew I had to fight one of these kinds of pets. My first opponent was up, it was another aisha. I used all the strength I had, tackling it from the air as it ran toward me like the speed of light, countering with water jets as it would bite me. We fought this way for what seemed like hours, though it was only minutes. I was tired, but I could not show it. I battled on bravely. Finally I way exhausted to go on anymore. I fell on the hard dirt, and even as I rested there, it felt like a thousand needles shot through me everywhere.

Once I regained consciousness, I saw the other pets have left the Battledome for the day, and only my owner stayed there, with tears in her eyes as she embraced me tightly. I smiled up at her. With a miserable tone of voice, I apologised that I had lost. She shook her head saying no, and that she was glad that I tried my very best, which I did, and that being a strong pet wasn't everything.

Now I realise that I should have spent more time in having fun with other pets, and that fighting is not all that important, but is ok sometimes. I occasionally go to the Battledome and fight, to keep up with the status I have right now. I am glad with my status, but hopefully one day, I will become even stronger, and my owner hopes so too.

The End