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Fuzzle Evolution

by Pyphracket

Those Jubjubs and Fuzzles, aren't they cute? Being fuzzy balls of fuzzy fur it's no wonder that practically everyone loves them. However, the truth is that Fuzzles aren't as mindless as people make them out to be. Sure, it's just a little fuzz ball, let's go sell it in my shop. See ya little guy!

Haven't you ever thought there was actually a relationship between Fuzzles, evil Fuzzles and Jubjubs? The truth is they are all the same cute creature, just in different stages of life. The regular Fuzzle is the youngest. Being the smallest it can't really move around. It's feet are too big, so it just flops on the ground and sits there, taking in the world around them.

Then as they grow, their bodies get bigger and rounder and they become strong enough to stand on their legs. Just having fun, and being a little noisy sometimes, the evil Fuzzles aren't actually EVIL Fuzzles - they're adolescent or teenager Fuzzles! They romp about and have fun and everyone else wrongly accuses them of being EVIL!! They really aren't. These Fuzzles, the evil Fuzzles, run about and enjoy their legs for this is the only time in life they enjoy it. As they grow older, their feet grow really large, making them clumsy dancers.

When the feet grow to their full size, the Fuzzle loses their balance and falls on its bottom. Now with its feet sticking out in front of them people call this the Jubjub stage (ancient Fuzzle language meaning 'Can't Stand Up'). These responsible Jubjub adults are very cute and love to roll about, but don't forget their young kids. Jubjubs are very smart and teach their young Fuzzles everything they know, which is a lot!

Take the Shop Wizard for instance, he knows where all the best deals are in Neopia. He's very wise. So, next time you see an evil Fuzzle remember, he's just in a time of change--he's just a poor teenager wrongly shown in the face of society. Have fun in Neopia! (and don't say that you Jubjub unless you really can't!)