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Lupina Returns: Part Four

by thegreatlupelover

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Return to Verdancia

Lupina peered through the underbrush. When the pets had heard that they were near the den where Lupina was born, they had insisted on seeing the famous Lupe's birthplace for themselves.

"I think that's where it was," Lupina mumbled, pointing to a small knoll. She was a little bit embarrassed.

The pets went charging forward, but Lily and Emala stopped them. "I think Lupina might want to go first," Emala explained. "Her mother stopped living there, and she might want a little time alone."

Lupina passed Emala a grateful look and climbed the side of the knoll alone. She came to a large boulder. Setting her weight against it, she rolled it off to one side. Behind it lay a dark hole. Lupina lowered her head and crawled inside.

The air had a musty smell to it. As Lupina crawled down the tunnel, her first memories came back to her. Less than 10 minutes after her birth, her mother, Lupava, the Lupe she had never known, had passed.

A tear trickled down Lupina's face. She came to the end of the tunnel, where a box-shaped room had been hollowed out. Her eyes opened wide. Instead of the skeleton she had thought would be lying there, the only thing in the den was a large gravestone. On was inscribed, "Lupava of Verdancia. Descendant of the great Moon Lupe and mother of Lupina of Verdancia."

Lupina searched her mind for who might have buried her mother, marked the spot, and sealed the tomb. Then it came to her: Jonah and Jen, Rosy's parents. It was Jonah who had found her in that very den many years ago. It was Jen who had reared her with her own litter.

Lupina placed her paw on the dusty gravestone. This was the place where her mother had passed. And she had gone to Faerieland bearing Lupina. Lupina's Lupe Moon Charm glowed. And Lupina knew the heart of its power. Love. If her mother had not loved her so, to push against her own life for her child's, Lupina would never had been able to defeat the Darkness Faerie. Without Amy's love, she couldn't free all the pets. Her power was all love. And she loved in return.

Dry-eyed, Lupina left the den. Without a word, she rolled the boulder back into its place. The crowd of pets understood, although they were disappointed. They were not to enter the den.

Since it was getting late, the large company of NeoPets decided to stay in that area for the night.

The stars had come out. All was peaceful. The gentle snores of sleeping pets drifted into the night air. Lupina lay awake. It seemed so tranquil. But up in the sky, Lupina could see a dark shape, moving slowly through the skies, searching, searching. Dr. Sloth hadn't given up yet.

To be continued...