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Need NP? Get NP!

by darkwolf132

Do you want NP fast? Do you NEED NP fast? Well, after reading this you will hopefully GET NP fast.

Step 1. Starting out. After Starting at NeoPets, you automatically get 500 NP. Do not waste this. You can build up this NP into a lot. Ever been to auctions? There you might find some expensive items cheap. You may think, If these items are so expensive, why do they auction them so cheaply? There are two reasons for two different kinds of Neopians. Rich Neopians-Have too many of items. Poor Neopians-Have had item too long and can't figure out how to get rid of it. If you do get these items, then auction them again at a higher price in the middle of the day when a lot of Neopians are online. You can make a 500-2000 NP profit just like that.

Step 2. Open a shop! If you have enough NP, and a few items you don't really need, just open a shop. Remember, it costs about 150 NP to open a shop so be sure you can spare it if you are still poor. Put the items in the shop. For some starting items, I recommend food. Don't forget, you can only put 5 items in your shop until you upgrade it. It will cost you 50 NP to upgrade for the first time. Every time you upgrade, you can get 5 items more in your shop. But every time you upgrade, it costs 50 NP more than it did the last time. When I opened my shop for the very first time, I thought NeoPets would supply the items and name the price. Well, after I opened, it took me a week to understand how the system works. I supply the items, I name the price, and I get the NP. Be sure to keep your items cheap because don't forget Neopians DO come to your shop. Believe it or not, even if you've had a shop for two weeks and not sold a single item, a Neopian has been to your shop. If that happens, lower your prices! Try to keep things at a low to normal price. If you buy a apple for 20 NP, try selling it for maybe, 25-30 NP. This may not seem like much of a profit but your apple probably will not even sell if it's for much more.

Step 3. GAMES! You can win NP in game, and items, which you can also earn NP from by auctions and your shop. Try Poogle Solitaire. It might be a little hard. Also check out Cheat. NeoPets Poker. The Lottery. BINGO! All these game are good ways to win NP, but don't forget, they are games of chance so you might win the jackpot or go home missing a couple hundred NP. Most game do not cost much to play. Only between 5 and 75 NP for most games except the Lottery because Lottery Tickets are a little more. Well, actually a lot more.

Step 4. Trading! Go to the trading post. Here you can trade items. You can earn NP for these items. Or you can even Trade an item for NP and another item! Say you put a Paint Brush up for trade. Somebody can offer you a codestone and 2000 NP Now, that's about 10,000 NP right there! You can also get good offers the other way around. Go see what's for trade. Offer a trade. If you see a codestone, and you know it's worth a lot and the person is asking for something worth less, GO FOR IT! You have to act fast because you are probably not the only one going after that item. I don't believe in taking advantage of people like that, but this is not the real world. It is the world of NeoPets!

Step 5. Money Tree. Ghosts and generous Neopians put NP and items out at the money tree. You can find 1 NP all the way to thousands of it. Although you rarely will ever get anything. Do not forget there are 11 million NeoPets users and probably about a million of them if not more might be at the money tree the same time you are and every single one of those million will be going after the great item or great number of NP there. I have never even gotten anything at the Money Tree, but I know my friends have and other Neopians from across the globe have.

Step 6. Investment. This may take time to earn NP and you should only do it if you have over a thousand NP or more. You can buy stocks in games, guilds, and other NeoPets businesses. These stocks may be worth a lot after a while, or worth not so much. If you decide to sell a stock make sure it is worth over 20 NP because you auto get 20 NP deducted from it. If the stock only costs 15 NP, you won't make any profit. Actually, they will just take the other 5 NP from you. This has happened to me. Buy stocks that look good for businesses that are just starting out. They won't cost much and the prices might zoom up very quickly. But you have to remember that the NeoPets Stock Market is still a chance because one day the businesses stock price maybe 200 NP You are happy because you only paid 100 NP the next day it is worth 700 NP You are even happier. The Next day it is worth 1,500 NP! You are way happy. Right now I'd advise you to sell it because you never know that the next day the price might zoom down to 15 NP Believe me, that is possible.

Step 7. Referral Program. You must have a Web site to do this. You post a NeoPets link on your Web site and when somebody comes to your site, sees the link, goes to NeoPets and signs up, you get NP and rare items like Faeries and Paint Brushes. The first one gets you 100 NP Then each referral you you send in you'll get more NP or a rare item. Maybe even a rare item and NP! Although you must advertise your Web site very well, to have a lot of people come. I, myself, have only had one referral. But that is just another 100 NP in my account.

Step 8. Cool Offers. NeoPets has a lot of offers that you can sign up at to get NP There you can earn up to 1500 NP I know a lot of Neopians could use that 1500, too.

Step 9. The Scratch Card Game. Here you buy a scratch card. If you have the right card, you could win up to 1,000,000 NP! Although it is very rare to win, it is possible.

Now, Following these steps can make you loads of NP I know it did for me ;-)