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The Poetry Contest

by sachadaisy

Hi! My name is Sacha35, and I'm a Faerie Poogle! The reason we live so happily is mainly because of the Poetry Contest! Here's what we've won so far...

-Alstaf Poogle
-Blue Scorchstone
-Red Blumaroo Morphing Potion

All these prizes are perfect for fighters, card collectors, mainly everyone! And you get a trophy plus an additional 1000 NP! "Yeah, what's so good about it?" you say. Well, sachadaisy just sold the Blue Scorchstone for 100,000 NP! And all because of a little rhyme she and I wrote!

To write a great poem, you have to have a heart. This previous year, sachadaisy's Chow, Sacha died, and we've have been able to write so many poems, because we have experienced it. Now, you don't have to have a departed friend to write. Just put yourself in the place of who you want to write about. But you should never stop on a line. A good poem should flow, and then you might look back. Quoting famous poet and generally amazing writer, Jack Grapes, "Don't think. See."

It's always good to have inspiration from someone else. So now, I'm going to interview one of the greats, tse2000, who won the 100th Day contest!

Sacha35: Hi, tse2000! Our first question...What is your main inspiration?

tse2000: Hi, Sacha35! Well, my main inspiration really comes from my classmates. Their writings were very touching.

Sacha35: When did you start to write?

tse2000: It goes back awhile, actually to Grade 2! But I never really was interested until Grade 7.

Sacha35: What's your favourite type of poetry to write?

tse2000: I don't like writing poetry that limits you, like haiku for example. But I'll write mostly anything, long, short. I'm focusing especially on sad poems.

Sacha35: Wow, that's exactly like sachadaisy and I! Before we end this, do you have any writing tips for us?

tse2000: As a matter of fact, I do! Think of really descriptive words. A poem isn't great if you are repetitious, and interesting words are, well, interesting! Always have a clear setting and characters, otherwise the reader will be easily confused. Do you want to be in the Battledome or in your NeoHome? Be specific. Besides descriptive words, you need to be descriptive. Instead of saying "The Battledome" say "The vast Battledome." But you can go even farther than that. How do you feel about the Battledome? Well, that's all I have for today, thanks so much for letting me be a part of this article!

Sacha35: Thank you for coming, tse2000!

Anyway, some of those tips should help you get a beautiful trophy for your cabinet and the great feeling that you've won the Poetry Contest!

Anyway, some of those tips should help you get a beautiful trophy for your cabinet and the great feeling that you've won the Poetry Contest!