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by smarties65

"Go on Hessy tell us another!" I pleaded, Hessy, my big bro, was ace at story telling, he was good at legends for example How The Uni Got Her Horn that one was my favourite as I am a Uni, my name is Pony_puff_princess87 but everyone calls me Princess for apparently I am a cute little angel who likes to have tea parties! I have never told anyone this but I shall share it with you now, I want to be a pirate! Of course I know it won't happen but I like to dream and that's how I made up a nickname for me called Dreaming Star. But don't tell anyone! Please!

"No Princess, it's time for bed!" Hessy replied, my owner agreed and so I was tucked up in my bed. I have my own room like my older sister Mystery_2ki, Chompower25 is the baby of the family and Hessy is the wisest bird around, he's an Eyrie and like I said he is brilliant and stories! I snuggled down into my covers, I was just dozing into a nice sleep when I heard a knock at my window. I looked out and there was the Light Faerie, I was so shocked I fell over but soon came to my senses as not to make a fool out of myself!!

"Dreaming Star I have heard your wish, it whispers in the wind and I have come to grant it! You will be a pirate my friend, enjoy it while it lasts for it is only for tonight!" she said.

How did she know my own private nickname, does the wind tell everything. I sighed. Before I could reply my eyes closed and when I opened them again I was sailing on Neopian Seas with a parrot screaming in my ear "Pretty Polly!" over and over again. There was a patch on my eye, and instead of four legs I had three with one replaced my a wooden peg. My mane was knotted and my coat dull but my eyes were shining like fire. I was a pirate (for a while!). I was so excited I let out a neigh and apparently that means "fire!" so all these cannons went off. How was I to know I was the captain? They all laughed, they meaning my crew, three Shoyrus, Wockys, Lupes and many more tough pets but no Unis!

The crew got back to work while I took a look around--there was nothing in sight, and, although it was supposed to be dark, it was a nice warm day even if it was winter! I was confused and knew this was just another of my dreams but it seemed so real that I just had to live it like that and so I did. I gave out orders and started to look for treasure. There was an island that had never been discovered. "Uni Unique" I decided I would call it. It was so fun and I liked putting all my reading of pirates into practice my being one myself!

"Land Ahoy"' a Lupe shouted. I looked north and there it was, my island to be! I had coloured in a bit of paper with some felt tips that I always carried around, then I used glue to stick it to a straw, it was perfect. I clonked my wooden leg onto the main deck and showed them the flag. There was hysterical laughter everywhere and I got very angry, all of them immediately was quiet and I said: "Tell me, what is so funny this time?!" My eyes were lit up and my mane flew like a flag, like my Uni flag.

"Well captain, it just that, oh aye it's a splendid flag and all that but you see that's not the kind of flags we pirates have! We've got a flag already for you!" an old Jubjub spoke.

"Well then let me see it!" I ordered getting in a fuss over nothing. They showed it to me and I planted it in the sand, time was ticking on and the treasure was waiting to be found! I knew the Light Faerie (in my dream!) had set all this up and there was treasure somewhere, the original treasure map was safely in my arms and the 'X' marked the spot but there were a few traps to get past first, I could sense them with my horn.

I wanted to go alone and the crew stayed behind shaking their heads knowing that a little Uni like me was sure to get herself into trouble but I was brave and stepped into the gloomy tress, traps with nets and arrows went off everywhere, my quick movements beat them all. My heart pounding I saw the cave where the treasure was hidden. The cave was gloomy and eerie. I laughed at these thoughts for I remembered my brother (Hessy the Eyrie!). Then there was a cackle and a voice boomed: "Well, pirate, you think you are going to take the treasure without a fight... over my dead body!" I was alarmed, the cave was so dark couldn't see anything. Then the unknown pet lit a flaming torch and facing me was....

"Captain Smith!" she was the most famous and evil pirate ever, I reached for my sword and she laughed.

"So you want a sword fight do you? Prepare to lose Uni and never see the light of day again, I am the only female pirate and you are not going to ruin my fame!"

My hand was shaking, the two swords crashed together, we paraded round the whole cave with bangs and crashes. Then I was pinned against the wall, it hit me that maybe this wasn't a dream and it was real, my eyes screamed with terror as Captain Smith held the sword to my neck.

Then the Light Faerie appeared with a puff of smoke, Smith didn't realise and as she was going to cut off my horn the only thing that can destroy a Uni, I disappeared. I heard her screams of anger, the treasure went as well and then she knew that it had been a set up. I was taken to my nice warm bed and slept like I was never to wake again.

"Princess, breakfast!" Smarties65 my owner called. I got up, and was wondering what had happened that night. I knew it had been a dream and I smiled thoughtfully but although it had been a dream I now know that I never want to be a pirate again ever! I made my bed and as I did so, I found a scrunched bit of paper with the writing "Unique Uni" on it. I smiled to myself. Maybe it hadn't been a dream after all....


Next day...

"Princess come on, you will be late for school!" Smarties65 shouted.

"I'll be down in a minute, just have to finish something." I am writing in my diary (all pirates have one). Even though I don't ever want to be one again it is something to remember!

Captain's log: It has been an amazing day, I shall never forget it but will never want to go back! My dream came true but maybe next time I dream, for I do it often, I don't want it to come true, sometimes I think dreams are meant to be locked up in yourself and if they came true, well, what would be the point in having it? I leave you with that message now. I do not want to tell you what happened diary but here is something that I will share...

I stuck the flag in and went downstairs to go to school.

The End