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Writing an Article for the Neopian Times

by scruggsgreen

So you think you're a good writer and you think it's time you use your talent to become a reporter for the Neopian Times...Well, good luck. With more than 12 million users in Neopia you're gonna have plenty of competition. So I have decided to write this guide to help you have a shot at getting your article published and that big shiny trophy for your trophy cabinet.

The first thing and I think this is the most important is that your article must be creative. It must catch the readers attention. An interesting article that no one has ever written about before will surely get published. People get tired about reading ways of getting neopoints and guides for the battledome...You have to be different, Unique, creative. People enjoy reading new things.

Make it understandable. Use proper grammar and make sure everything is spelled correctly. I don't know how many times I've seen articles that I can't understand what the people are saying. The articles are about an interesting subject but they are just impossible to understand. Proofread your article at least 5 times before submitting it. That will help you see mistakes you've made that you can easily correct.

Know your facts. When your going to write an article make sure you are well informed on your subject. You just can't write an article on "Codestones" when you just heard about them 5 minutes ago. Before writing something make sure you've done your research.

Read the other articles in the past Neopian Times. This will help you get some ideas of the writing styles other people who have gotten their work published use.

Make it an article that everyone can enjoy and understand. Remember that NeoPet users vary in age...My 5 year old cousin plays it as well as my 73 year old grandmother. Making your article for "all ages" will insure you more readers will like it.

But most importantly though you have to have fun. Write your article for fun and submit it. If you got it published congratulations. If you didn't well then don't worry, you'll do better next time and at least writing that article gave you some practice.