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Lupina Returns: Part Two

by thegreatlupelover

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Rosy looked sadly out of her little cage. Her pet Warf, Speckles, lay beside her. All had been well before the capture. Now she and her friends were wasting away, prisoners to the evil Dr. Sloth.

Rosy stiffened as the door swung open. An unmistakable shape loomed before her. It was Dr. Sloth himself. At his side, he carried a mutation gun.

Behind Dr. Sloth marched a dozen robotic soldiers. The door of the cage next to Rosy's slid open. Rosy sighed. She had seen it before. Dr. Sloth was about to turn his mutation gun on a lovable little Faerie Kacheek, Sweetie. It was all familiar. Cutest first.

Rosy shut her eyes. She couldn't bear the sight of such a lovable little character being zapped into a hideous mutant.

This was the way it had been for the week Rosy had been captive here at the VirtuPets Space Station. Lupina, Lily, and Emala were in totally different sections of the prison. Rosy had been unable to contact them. Sighing in despair, Rosy slid into a restless sleep.


Meanwhile, in another room of cages, Lupina sat with a fiery light in her eyes. Her Puppyblew, Sparky, sat beside her, growling slightly under his breath. When Dr. Sloth had captured Lupina and her friends, he had drained most of her power with the evil Drain Life ability. Even Restore could not fully heal her, she had to use it many times. But slowly her strength was returning. She was almost in her full power now. She gazed down at the Lupe Moon Charm around her neck. It had regained its usual glow. Lupina closed her eyes. She could feel the glow of the Lupe Moon Charm spread over her body. It was pulsing, waiting for the right moment, the moment that it's magic would break out. As it spread over her, Lupina felt the magical healing powers. She was fully herself again.

Lupina opened her eyes. The aura of magic remained. Dr. Sloth was coming. As the door banged open, Lupina tensed the magic. The cage above her was opening. It was Seabreeze, the beautiful Faerie Kiko. Lupina had encountered this enough. She would not let another cute, innocent pet be zapped into an ugly mutant. As Dr. Sloth aimed his gun, Lupina slowly slid her cage door open, using some magic. Activating her Flight ability, she flew upward. Dr. Sloth fired. At that instant, Lupina came into the beam's path. She let out all the magic that was building up behind the barrier of her mind. In an explosion of light, the magic broke through.

Dr. Sloth reeled back, shielding his eyes. He hated light. Lupina's glow grew brighter and brighter. The mutation ray was sucked into the sphere of powerful magic and was destroyed. Quickly, Lupina sent out magic from behind, opening all the cages. The imprisoned pets leaped out.

Quick as a flash, Lupina flew to the next room, the freed pets behind her. With a quick bang, all the cages sprang open. Rosy laughed in delight as she flew out to her Lupe friend, Speckles sitting on her back. Soon, Rosy Emala, and Lily were all flying beside Lupina.

Amy was having an unhappy lunch down in Grundo's Cafe. She had been at the Space Station for a day, and there was still no sign of her pets. Suddenly, the ceiling above her burst open. Dozens and dozens of pets streamed down from the gaping hole, Lupina at the lead.

"Quick," she gasped. "Dr. Sloth. Get out of here. All of us."

Amy understood the hastened words of her exhausted pet. There were about 200 freed NeoPets. They all needed to get back to Neopia.

Lily pushed her way to the front. She had a plan. Amy nodded and yelled, "Everyone follow me!" The crowd of pets stampeded down towards the docking point for the shuttles. They were lucky. The latest one had just finished unloading. Charging through the barriers, the pets boarded. Lupina found the door to the cockpit and ran through.

"Take us to Neopia and don't ask questions," she growled. "Do it quick."

The driver didn't want to mess with a big, aggressive Lupe. Throat bobbing nervously, he obeyed. Lupina went back to the cabin, satisfied. "Everyone on?" Emala called. "Good!" Lupina barked out a quick command to the driver. The doors shut and the shuttle took off at high speed.

In less than five minutes, the shuttle was back in Neopia.

To be continued...