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Battledome: How to Really Win

by hyrentamer

OK, in this article I plan to show you 1. What weapons to buy 2. The BEST way to level up your NeoPet and 3. How to fight a good fight.

Now I know that there are A LOT of weapons out there to choose from, and, believe me, I still haven't figured out all the weapons I should buy, but what I RECOMMEND are 3-5 battle items and 3-4 healing items. Don't waste your time with a whole lot of defence items unless they do some type of attack. I'm not going to tell you what I use because there are A LOT of combinations out there for you to choose from. I would definitely recommend a Frost Cannon for beginners... they are a nice weapon to start out with.

Beams are very powerful and most are pretty cheap. Explore a little, just because everyone has a Black Frost Cannon and Grand Lightning Beam doesn't mean you need one too, you might find a better one out there, the combinations are almost endless. Now if you are a little more advanced you will probably need to upgrade, scan the market for a steal (by this time you should have enough knowledge of the game and what to buy and for how much.) A good group would have some Slime Potions (note: very good healing potions, a lot cheaper than Bronze Dragon Stones and they don't run out), your main weapons of choice, and one super weapon to throw out and astonish your opponent and send him to his knees in failure. Now that you have some ideas on what to buy let's check out a VERY important part of winning.

2. Weapons aren't the only thing you need to win--you also need to make your pet stronger. How do you do this you ask? Well, the training school is the main way to level up your pet, but remember codestones are expensive and the one you need is a random event. Faerie Quests are also a way to make them stronger, but they are a random event and they don't always increase your stats. In my opinion I would stay away from the kitchen quests, they usually cost you a lot and you don't always get increases in your stats. Now on to the most confusing way: the secret lab ray. If you don't know what that is it's the lab that you get when you complete the secret lab map. It can be useful and frustrating, you can increase your pets stats easily but you can also do a lot more, like changing the species the color or even the sex of your pet, you can even lose stats! So if you love your cute Faerie Poogle and don't want to risk "morphing" him into a Lenny.....don't! I don't use the ray and I'm a good fighter. The choice is TOTALLY up to you...most of the strong pets you see are ones that use the ray but don't let that sway you go and ask them how many times there pet has changed.

3. Now I'll give you some tips on fighting. The fight starts way before you get into the dome. You need to find the right opponent this pretty easy, you can post on the message board or use one of the many pet finding techniques in the dome itself. Don't fight an opponent with stats into the greats when yours are in the strong or very strong stage....youll get mutilated believe me I have lots of experience there. When you step into the ring don't give away your strategy (i.e. open up with your Snow Flame or Staff of Supernova you want to save those for later) use your 2 basic weapons and check out what he uses, then you might decide to surprise him by hitting him with your big guns...the point I'm trying to make is that you want to keep the element of surprise on your side, >>>!!!!!!NEVER GET OVERCONFIDENT!!!!!!<<< your opponent might be down to 5hp and heal with a bronze potion and throw out a Supernova and it's over just like that. I don't want to tell you a lot because the whole point of battle is to figure out what strategy is best for you, it makes it a lot more fun and that's the best part: having fun.

I hope these simple actions help you in becoming a formidable final point on snowballs and freezing items, sure they're an easy way to win and I'm NOT telling you not to use them but if all you do is freeze and send two icy snowballs hurling at your helpless opponent of course your going to destroy them. You'll end up with someone who holds a grudge and it takes the fun out of it. So exercise caution if you have these by your side, make fun and exciting for both of you. (If you have any questions just Neomail me, i.e. hyrentamer I will be happy to answer any of them)